Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lawrence O'Donnell - The Madman Is Still Loose In The White House


Seadog said...

I disagree with Lawrence's increasingly hysterical take on Don the Con. It's more along the lines of just grossly incompetent and as would follow such a condition Donald's way way over his head. He's decidedly not insane he's just an egotist and a narcissist to a very extreme degree. Mad? Na, I'm not buying it.

Jim Sande said...

Trump probably is not mad. I agree. However since he is in charge and is unqualified, his words and actions sound mad. If I became the center of the Golden State Warriors at my age and height and skill level, I would be better at my job than Trump is at his. It's that absurd. Absurd has a lot of the characteristics of 'mad'.