Monday, April 17, 2017

Have An Excellent Monday

work by Edvard Munch


Seadog said...

Poor Edward born before anti-depressants :(

Jim Sande said...

I was just checking that out -

"Edvard Munch, best known for his painting, The Scream, was tormented by the tragedies of his childhood – and haunted by the demons of his mind."

"Munch was born in the capital of Norway, Christiana (now called Oslo) in 1863. His father was a religious fanatic who earned a modest income as a doctor. His mother, 20 years his father’s junior, died of tuberculosis when Munch was only five. Tragedy struck in the Munch household again when Edvard was 14. His 15-year-old sister, Sophie, died – also of tuberculosis. Death later permeated Munch’s paintings, one of them is simply called: The Dead Mother."

"The demons of Munch’s mind took the form of anxiety, depression and later close shaves with alcoholism. Another of Munch’s sisters, Laura, was considered mentally ill. Of five siblings, only one brother, Andreas, married – only to die soon after his wedding."