Monday, April 17, 2017

David Brooks Writes

From April 7th

NY Times: The Coming Incompetence Crisis by David Brooks too incompetent to recognize his own incompetence. He mistakes his catastrophes for successes and so accelerates his pace toward oblivion. Those who ignore history are condemned to retweet it.


Seadog said...

I know other rich people like Trumpf who inherited lots of money and that money masks their incompetence. They don't any better never having to REALLY compete against others on a level playing field.

Jim Sande said...

I used to know a few like this, but now I live in a standard middle class neighborhood, all working families or retirees. It's true though, the people I knew that had a million dollar mom and dad safety net, tended to be somewhat immature and also immune to pay your bill level hardship that we all face. Narcissism is rampant among these people.