Monday, April 03, 2017


  Moving towards his natural resting point of 25%, same as GW bush. Trump might break that record.

Investor's Business Daily: Trump Support Plunges In Latest IBD/TIPP Poll


Seadog said...

If he and the GOP persist on passing a really bad Health reform bill ending Ocare and replacing it with a retrograde and regressive bill plus, they roll back SSI and every other social program inflate the military budget and give the wealthy huge tax cuts they'll all be facing a tidal wave of voter resentment in fall 2018. They don't care because they intend to eliminate as much democratic participation as possible out here and also pass laws against protesting in public. The Trumpf regime and the Authoritarian-minded GOP are the perfect storm for America. They think they can weather this storm with force if necessary.

Jim Sande said...

Well this is the question - how far will they go to impose their world order. This was the fear we all had and have about Trump when we learned of his crap victory.