Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Jerk, But Our Jerk

NY Times: Sorry, Liberals. Bigotry Didn’t Elect Donald Trump. By DAVID PAUL KUHN
Bluntly put, much of the white working class decided that Mr. Trump could be a jerk. Absent any other champion, they supported the jerk they thought was more on their side — that is, on the issues that most concerned them.


Glenn Klotz said...

Like what issues? He manages in any 24 hr. period to manage to be on every side of every issue if it works. He's just for himself the issues are just whatever he needs to use at that moment. These people are why used car salesman and snake oil marketers are still thriving.

Jim Sande said...

It's the economy and their taxes. They believe black people are living on their hard earned money and that has to stop. They are in dead end areas with their own skills and job opportunities. Their middle class world is under pressure and someone who says they are bringing back good paying factory jobs and coal is perfect. I hope they got the memo to not hold their breath.

Glenn Klotz said...

It won't matter as long as Trumpf can assure them that they're better than "THOSE" people just because of their skin color or religious beliefs. His whole act is based on hatred and that's why it will FAIL.