Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Real Damage

Guardian UK: The biggest threat to American democracy isn't Trump's uncivil speech - A democracy can tolerate some uncivil speech. But it cannot withstand the contempt directed against institutions that keep government honest by Lawrence Douglas
What makes these libels so toxic is not the injury they do to the reputation of the New York Times or CNN, though certainly they may serve to discredit these organizations in the eyes of some segments of the public; it is the injury they do to our democracy.


Seadog said...

Isn't it way past time WE all realize that TRUMPF is what he is? He's first and foremost EVIL. His goal is the destruction of any centers of power that don't bend a knee to him and his EVIL regime and its enablers in the GOP and various foreign States and actors that have the same or similar anti-democratic goals. The Trumpf Admin. s America's first focused attempt at Dictatorship and a deeply Authoritarian State. It's in its early consolidation phase and the ONLY thing stopping it from accomplishing these goals is Donald's inability to control Donald.

Jim Sande said...

I don't think Trump knows what the fuck he is doing. I think he is so full of himself, so arrogant, and also so mentally unfit, that the is saying whatever it takes to defend his place in the sky as the 45th president - nation, history, people, globe, all of it, be damned.