Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Salon: Donald Trump turns on Jeff Sessions — and the far right finally begins to see the president they elected - Now that Trump is tormenting his most loyal follower on a daily basis, others around him can only wonder who's next by Heather Digby Parton


Glynn Kilara said...

Yes, let them see what you get for being a LOYAL ass-kisser like Sessions was and still thinks he is. Even poor old Jeff who gave up one of the safest seats in the Senate thinking he was going to Law Heaven the AG's office only to find out that Donald Trumpf trusts nobody and all you need to do is make even a minor error or in this case DO the right thing legally and you're a traitor to him and it's all about him in the end. Good, this will show all of them who he really is.

Jim Sande said...

Trump is fine with Sessions. He wants him out simply because he's looking for a way to fire Mueller, and this is is convenient route. Trump is creating a storm out of nothing, it all about the object, firing Mueller, and the method, get new AG. He will hound Sessions and as far as I'm concerned, fine, hound away. This is because it's upsetting the bumpy flat tire GOP apple cart. Who the hell cares. Trump is already facing loosing Tillerson and I believe Mattis as well. I'd love to see a mass exodus.

Glynn Kilara said...

Your right it doesn't matter how many people he fires does it. In the end he wants sharks in suits like Scaramucci who showed last evening just how treacherous he is by knifing Rence Preice in public even before he's on the job. He's a mini-Trumpf and just creates more fear and loathing. The GOP is turning on itself. Won't stop it from destroying the Gov't though. Welcome to ANARCHY the real ideology of the RIGHT.