Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Rachel Maddow - The Trump Russia Political Crisis - A Timeline In Breaking News


Seadog said...

It doesn't matter to the GOP. Winning is ALL that matters how you win is of little concern. This is why the GOP has NO interest in the facts about how Trumpf won. He WON that's all they care to know. Even if the Russiagate investigations produce absolute evidence that Russia interfered it won't amount to much in the end because today's GOP has no morals or ethics or respect for anything but RAW power and how you win it is of no consequences. In fact, the way they won it with all kinds of voter suppression techniques using a foreign power etc. was so effective this time my guess is they'll double down on all of it going forward. Trumpf's so-called Commission to examine Voter fraud will be used like the 50's House UnAmerican Activities Commission was used. Voting rights are going to be put under a full-scale assault by this guy and his Russian backers. Democracy has to be hammered flat in America and that's going to be the REAL goal of this Admin. and it's foreign allies. We are in a WAR right now and we might not want to admit it but its a fact. We either fight back or end up with a Nat'l version of the Truman show with TrumPutin as our host.

Jim Sande said...

The thing of it is, up to this year, there was a price for this kind of ridiculous hubris from a political party, and by that I'm pointing the finger at the Republicans. Unfortunately we're at a crossroads where there's no longer a price to pay because the GOP has the formula as you point out to keep perfectly suppress democracy. We fight back, or we move.