Tuesday, July 04, 2017


The Palmer Report: Congressman Ted Lieu rips into “dumb as a rock” Donald Trump adviser


Seadog said...

Yesterday, over 500 heavily armed Confederate flag waving Trumpf / KKK/ etc. et al. supporters showed up at the Gettysburg Nat'l Battlefield in Pa. to defend " Confederate monuments an d graves from AntiFa demonstrators that were supposed to be converging on that site to remove all of these artifacts etc. Only they showed not the so-called Antifa people so they held a rally anyway and one of these yahoos shot himself in the leg. When questioned by the Press why they were there they said that it was "common knowledge " that the Antifa people were coming to do all this removal stuff and they were ready to fight them if need be. This is the kind of crazy shit that is starting to get out of hand behind Trumpf's tweeter rantss and the right wing media echo chamber. What's next? I think we are in a slo motion Civil Conflict that is gaining momentum as this regime goes forward. Are killings of reporters next, massacres of Muslims and others these groups hate?

Jim Sande said...

It's crazy shit but on the other hand these nuts are so hyped that their conspiracy bullshit leads to this kind of dead end. From that point of view, it's about stupidity leading stupid people, to a stupid dumbass conclusion.