Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Trump's Non Civility

NY Times: Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Puncture Veneer of Presidential Civility By PETER BAKER
Most presidents have publicly ignored their predecessors “until we get to Trump,” he added. “He is either ignorant of recent presidential history or simply doesn’t care.”


Glenn Klotz said...

Trumpf has decided he's going to do whatever he wants. It was predicted he would try and act like a Dictator and it's obvious why he sees Putin as model.

Jim Sande said...

He is not growing his support, he is marginalizing himself and further distancing himself from most Americans. Yes, he has a bizarre idea about his power and how to wield it. Unfortunately we are facing two things. One is a world disaster/ pressure misery issue, which he will no doubt be ill prepared to handle. The second is his need for a war to galvanize fear inspired support as we know.