Friday, March 31, 2017


Salon: White House slides deeper into crisis: After Flynn’s bombshell and the Nunes circus, Trump looks worse than ever - Devin Nunes tried to muddy the waters — but only made things worse. And now the ghoulish Michael Flynn is back by Gary Legum


Seadog said...

We should be extremely careful about making hasty judgments about how bad off Don the Con is. Remember, how we all thought he was sunk after Pussygate. He's extremely wily and can easily turn this around with more gaslighting. Look at his hardcore approval nos. they're still at about 35%-40% even after all this smoke and fire. His following thinks he's just fine and everyone else is the problem. Treason even proved might not be enough here. These people like Russia and Putin because they're Authoritarians and they want a Worldwide rightwing Revolution and its result more TrumPutin regimes. Let's open our eyes, we're seeing the "liberal democratic"post WW2 order being demolished in front of us. To be replaced with 21st Century versions of Oligarchy and Authoritarianism.

Jim Sande said...

I'm of two minds on this. I agree with you, there's no slam duck as it were. Trump has time on his side. On the other hand time is his enemy because the cases are being built, right now, right today many people working on this. It all depends on what crisis consumes the country's imagination. Right now, it's Trump but any moment it could be some disaster or misery event.