Friday, March 31, 2017


Guardian UK: Russian deception influenced election due to Trump's support, senators hear - Former FBI special agent discusses Russia’s longstanding ‘active measures’ – including the spread of fake news – before Senate intelligence committee
Donald Trump’s willingness to embrace Russian disinformation was one of the reasons Russia’s interference in the 2016 election worked...

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Seadog said...

Willingness or Collusion? Which one is it? One is just what it is and the other is TREASON. The CIA and the NSA are coming down on the side of TREASON as far as I can see. The FBI seems to be in Trumpf's corner no matter what smokescreen Comey has been spraying around. The FOG is getting so thick around this whole nightmare it's getting harder, not easier to sort out all the players and sub-plots. Trumpf's team seems to be using the old Navy strategy of using destroy's to shield the Carrier task force from view with smoke. We need Radar to penetrate what he's doing and have to hope the NSA and the CIA have some still working. The enemy ( the FSB and its Lord and master Putin is already IMO deep inside our Gov't from top on down. How did this happen so fast? It didn't they've been worming their way in for yrs. Now with Don the Con in the WH there finishing the job of hollowing us out just as we did to the USSR a generation ago. The War has come home and the forces of democracy are losing BIGLY almost everywhere. Putin et als. project Worldwide is to hammer democracy and Democratic regimes ceaselessly till then fall to the rightist Oligarchs behind all of this. We have to remember a hand full of people literally own 80 % of the planet and eveything on and in it and above it.