Monday, March 20, 2017

The Worst


Seadog said...

Whatever comes of this investigation and having James Comey conducting it doesn't give much confidence, Trumpf is as always hiding something he doesn't want any of us to know. Considering that he acts as if he never does anything wrong we can just imagine what it might be. It amazes me that this man has gotten away with what he has and hasn't yet been arrested and jailed. Now that he's managed to con his way to the top I have little confidence he'll be stopped.

Jim Sande said...

I sort of agree, I am definitely ambivalent about the whole deal after watching the hearings today and now feeling buyer's remorse for having thought it would be fireworks.
Someone wrote a good comment in the NYT this morning that really made a lot of sense. This is it -

"As a consultant I worked across the U.S. for more than 50 corporations, so let me say this from experience. Trump is the arch-type of the old-school American line-and-staff CEO or executive, whose role is to bluster his way to power by, in part, never admitting a mistake or acknowledging a failure or weakness, and in part, by surrounding yourself with flunkies and bullying subordinates. I met several of these dinosaurs, and they all acted like Trump, and they did so because they had to, for to admit a mistake was career suicide. In the end, like Trump, when the going got tough they just took the money and ran without admitting of any failings of their own."

"So this is not something new, but a throwback, and I think the reason so many older voters are not troubled by Trump is that they have seen the Trump prototype in their own working lives. (Not to mention on reality TV.)"

"Something that has not been explored enough, but which I learned about on a Trumpcast episode, is the influence of Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 book "The Power of Positive Thinking" on Trump personally (and on his ilk). The message of this massive best-seller was basically, never, never, let failure slow you down, always portray yourself in your own mind as a success. Another important influence is the theological school known as Prosperity Gospel, which argues that Jesus wants you to get rich, wealth is a holy mission from God."