Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Newsweek: Trump, Comey, Russia and a Series of Stranger Things By Jeff Stein
The president might be wise to negotiate a resignation before he’s fatally wounded. Comey and Rogers slashed him so badly on Monday, with their emphatic eviscerations of his infamous tweets claiming President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, that his credibility on any issue, outside his adoring legions of cult-like fans, has been nearly destroyed. At some point, the Republicans may see their own salvation lies in deserting him for Vice President Mike Pence.


Seadog said...

The latest piece of the puzzle might be the final straw for old Donald. It seems if the report Robert Reich has up at Facebook is right Trumpf Tower was wiretapped alright but it was a tap listening to a Russian mafia gambling operation that took up the 63rd floor in the Trumpf Tower in 2013 and was run by some BIG time Russia mafia Don or Vor as they're called in Russia mob lingo. Maybe the reason Donald is so paranoid about wiretaps is he's afraid he was picked up on that tap talking with this mobster? He had to know who was renting that floor and what they were up to. This might be why he's so paranoid about this whole issue. You have to wonder why this was never brought out last fall? The FBI has a lot of explaining to do. Nevertheless, if Donnie is on those recordings he's toast.

Jim Sande said...

Palmer Report - Key witness in Preet Bharara’s Russian crime probe was just thrown from fourth floor of building By Bill Palmer

Seadog said...

Yep, I just said to somebody on Facebook that we had better get this investigation going fast because the Russian's are literally killing off anyone even remotely connected to this whole sordid affair. Donald et al. are wrapped tight in layer after layer of this mess and I don't think he can escape. However, he's every bit as ruthless as Putin so who knows? He cannot be allowed to consolidate power in DC or were all in BIGLY trouble that's for sure. Pence is bad real bad, but he's probably NOT a traitor. My guess is that if this just keeps deepening and becoming more tangled the GOP leadership will meet somewhere and tell Donald it's time to go before he goes in chains. Pence will be brought in Jerry Ford style in an attempt to reboot this mess before it really gets out of hand. This is going to end when the GOP starts to realize that like Watergate if it doesn't stop the bleeding soon it will suffer for decades from the fall-out.