Wednesday, March 08, 2017

'More Proof The GOP Can't Govern'

Salon: Obamacare “replacement” heads toward political disaster: What are GOP leaders thinking? Moderates and right-wingers set to blame each other as health care bill offers more proof the GOP can't govern by Gary Legum


Glenn Klotz said...

The GOP thinks it can just jam a far right agenda down people's throats GW BV$H tried this same thing in 2005 and failed. The Dems. retook the House in 2006 partially because of this. Repealing a policy as flawed as it is that has afforded millions access to real health care is not going to be removed so easily. Right now at the very beginning of this process, at least four GOP Senators have said no way Jose on this plan. On top of that if the GOP and the Dems. think they've seen protests already they had better get ready for the shitstorm that lies ahead for them. The GOP non-plan is little more than a huge tax refund for the 1% nothing more.

Jim Sande said...

No surprises. The GOP has a one size fits all approach to everything. These guys have one hammer and they bring it to fix every issue. It's a disease.