Monday, March 20, 2017

An Amazing Moment

  This was absolutely one of the most ridiculous moments of today's hearing. Trump tweets out b.s. while the hearing is in progress. Rep. Jim Hines catches the tweet, then asks Comey if it's b.s. Comey, reluctantly said it was b.s. Trump is like the impetuous 2 year old, throwing another tantrum, maybe he missed his nappy... Trump tweet fact checked by James Comey in real-time. Trump is caught in another LIE in real-time. By First Amendment


Seadog said...

What's IMO going to do TRumpf in is the same things that did Nixon in. Paranoia and the delusion of being omnipotent.

Jim Sande said...

I'm beginning to think that Trump is simply an incredibly careless human being. It's likely that he is not the mastermind behind Trump-Russia-gate. He is not that brilliant, he can't pull off this kind of far reaching scheme on his own volition. He provides the face, the mouth, the look, the persona, then I suspect a group of schemers hatched the plot. Trump played along, but seriously now, is he that smart? I don't think so. But he does have a boatload of paranoia and a boatload of narcissistic entitlement, and he is quite comfortable with literally saying anything that pops into his brain no matter how absurd or phony.

Seadog said...

You're probably right, but let's not once again underestimate how truly evil he is. His specialty as a con man is closing the deal and to that end, he's the man the Russians are counting on and so far he's delivering. I also suspect that the reason is even if he gets Impeached or has to quit that part of the 19.5 % of Rosneft will not only clear any debt he has but also make him one of the richest men on Earth and he cares more about that then the country or even his kids is my guess.