Friday, February 24, 2017


NY Times: Fact Check: Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ and Repeats Inaccurate Claims at CPAC By LINDA QIU


Glenn Klotz said...

It's one of two things or it's both. Trumpf either is so thin-skinned and used to being surrounding by YES people that he's decided he can do the same thing with the Press as if they are people who are suing him or if he's still a Private CEO ( which he is never having legally separated himself from his holdings.) Most of the GOP is assisting him in this ruse every step of the way, except there is growing fear in the ranks as the Russia thing begins to unfold and some of the more aware and self-interested players like Daryl Issa and others are starting to hedge here. I think they are well aware that Drumpf is possibly one subpoena ( for his taxes) away from Impeachment for Treason. If such a thing happens the GOP will have the unenviable task of doing exactly what the GOP had to do in in 1866 to Pres. Andrew Johnson Impeach a GOP President for what they saw as treasonous behavior involving the South. In this case, it's about a foreign adversary and technically much closer to the definition. This whole nightmare is deepening.

Jim Sande said...

Yeah, when I saw Issa on Bill Maher I was surprised to hear him talk about a real investigation into Trump. Issa seemed genuinely humbled, perhaps his light-bulb went off accidentally or something. I think the pressure being exerted by the left is good, the left is not going to shut up at all, just the opposite, they're here for real. I also think the GOP knows they have a bonafide lemon on their hands.

Glenn Klotz said...

The GOP seems intent on using this blowhard for all he's worth before having to ditch him by the roadside as road kill. These are deeply cynical people who have no morals or ethics beyond doing whatever it takes to make life easier for those already on Easy street and to afflict the already afflicted with even more distress. In short, the GOP, for the most part, is a party of assholes and greedheads.