Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Authentic American Troubled Soul

  It's interesting, the story of Jesus surrounds the movement of a supreme spiritual leader whose simplicity of lifestyle, humility, morality, and nobility of spirit eventually earns him the banishment of the state and torturous execution. Of course Jesus is not forgotten but is fundamental to Christianity, his namesake. Then along comes Trump whose lifestyle represents an utter disdain for humility, morality, nobility of spirit etc etc etc, and he is made the supreme leader while simultaneously seeking to strengthen and deepen his power at the expense of democracy, and yet he is supported by the Christians. Milo is more or less a barnacle on the underbelly of the Trump Titanic.

Salon: Breitbart considers firing Milo Yiannopoulos after extreme backlash for comments: report - Critics of those who gave Milo a platform are not impressed with Breitbart and Simon & Schuster's latest statements by Taylor Link

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