Monday, July 17, 2017

A.M. Joy - Russian Oligarchs, And What They May Want From The U.S.


Glynn Kilara said...

Interesting. It's obvious TrumPutin was prepared to sell us out to Putin for a price. The Russians / Putin, on the other hand, had a huge resource to provide Trumpf his expertise in cyber warfare and he was prepared to use it to tip the balance. However, he wanted things and Trumpf obviously was prepared to accept the deal to have those resources in his corner going into the fall. So, as I see it here's where the rubber meets the road, in any case, charging Trumpf et al. with treason. Trumpf signed on the Russians as allies last fall and I believe Mueller will break open the details of the deal Trumpf made and has ever since tried to carry out in payment to Putin and hide from the rest of us. It's a unique circumstance in American history and it needs to be clearly revealed and prosecuted to the max. To its everlasting shame the GOP is trying its best to block this effort and in so doing acting to protect Trumpf and Putin.

Jim Sande said...

It's still the same race against time as far as I see it. On one side are all the revelations about Trump colluding with Russia, Mueller's work, falling approval, and a seriously impaired president. On the other side is a war or misery event which buries Trump Russian on the back page and makes people afraid and willing to place their faith in their president.