Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Fix

The Palmer Report: After stealing the election from her, GOP demands Hillary Clinton fix health care – and she responds


Seadog said...

They aren't being serious of course. What they are saying is YOU guys broke the great healthcare system we had prior to 2009 and you guys broke it so now you FIX it because all we can do is to hammer it flat and we know that will add up to a nasty reaction a yr and half from now. So, the plan is to suppress voting. Makes sense. They know in 17 mos. they will come up against a very angry electorate so the only way to win is to stop "those"people from voting. This is the GOP program now deeply anti-democratic. They are the party of resentment and of a sense of entitlement to power. They deserve it and everyone else doesn't so whatever they do to hang on to it is ok. You see what happens in a society over time when such a group grabs power SYRIA. In America our Civil War was regional but now it's cultural and racial.

Jim Sande said...

Yes, they do believe they deserve it. I call it a sense of extreme arrogance. Everything is explainable according to the bible or conservative ideology. They can suppress the vote because they believe their way is superior. Democracy be damned, this is the real GOP motto.