Sunday, January 29, 2012


It is 26 degrees and clear in Upstate NY. I hope you are having a good weekend. Today is another work day for me but after today my weekends will be free for a while, I think.

While I work I listen to the radio and keep track of the news mostly through the BBC. I was very disappointed to hear Newt Gingrich fear mongering to Florida's older Jewish citizens. He's going on about the threat from Iran as if there is a nuclear bomb ready to explode in Israel, he even called it another Holocaust. He's hoping to capitalize on fear, I find that to be loathsome.

One big throbbing problem with Gingrich is that the man seems to have a complete lack of empathy and sympathy of any noticeable measure. He's about as warm as an iceberg. Even the peerless George Bush II conveyed a measure of warmth even while he was issuing sadistic policy after sadistic policy. Gingrich does not get people. You do not warm up to Gingrich, he's foul medicine spoonful after miserable spoonful.


Ed said...

Talking with friends about how to describe Gingrich, charlatan and even mountebank came to mind.

Sande said...

Mountebank - like!