Wednesday, January 09, 2019

GOP Disarray

The Palmer Report: GOP Senate begins caving on shutdown amid Donald Trump’s disastrous wall speech by Bill Palmer


Glynn Kilara said...

Trumpf is so clueless and so totally without conscience and so out of touch because he surrounds himself with asskissing toadies that unless directly confronted with reality by the GOP Senate he will allow this shutdown to go on forever. They, on the other hand, will pay dearly for it when people start losing their lives, jobs, and homes. Look at what happened to Obama after he was elected and did NOTHING to help the millions that suffered in the great Recession brought on totally by BV$H 2. The public blames the party in power in the WH for this shit and Trumpf doesn't get that. He's so used to scapegoating and diverting blame to others he actually believes it always works and it doesn't. You would have thought losing the House in a landslide would have driven home that idea but it didn't.

Jim Sande said...

I need to get myself a Trump punching bag because Trump is a trip and a half, what a conniving little bitch. Today he's on TV and it's all conniving and bullshit with the simpering Pence standing behind him and doing his best good little boy act. Disgusting. It's been a torturous 2 years, we need some relief.