Wednesday, February 06, 2019

It's The Fear

  I finally figured out why Trump lies so often. Trump is speaking to the fears of right wing people and telling them that what they fear is occurring. Right wing people believe that illegal immigrants are coming into the country, they are taking away jobs, they are bringing in drugs, and they are murdering people. Right wing people also believe and fear that they have to pay for illegal immigrants with their hard earned money because immigrants are getting free food, free schools, free housing, free luxury cars, everything, and it’s all paid with their too high taxes. This is a fear, it’s not the truth, but it’s a fear.

  There’s no proof of these fears, there are though lots of rumors, stories, and myths which get amplified and retold over and over, but there’s no truth, just fear. Trump is simply telling them that their fears are literally happening. This is the lie and this is his gambit, which has earned him the White House. Trump improves upon this gambit with further exaggerations. He says there are caravans coming, terrorists pouring in, deadly diseases being brought into the country infecting right wing children. Then, only he can really and truly take care of it. He is going to build a wall around the country, similar to how you would put a fence around your yard as a demarcation, this is my house, my yard, don’t cross that fence. Understand, this is not a joke, Trump is not doing this intentionally, it’s not because he doesn’t get it or that he can’t understand. Trump is not concerned with this. Trump has taken a course, he has a strategy, and he can’t change that. What he does is he will continue to amplify it, make it greater. He is speaking to the fear in his base, he is telling them that this fear is real and it is happening. He is turning fear and treating fear as if it were truly happening. Does this make sense?

  Trump is a story, telling the tale of monsters and demons to children who believe in monsters, scaring them out of their wits to the point where the children have nightmares and are affected through their daytime as well.

  It is also likely that this fear based strategy is the work of people like Stone, Bannon, and key GOP insiders more concerned with power and wealth than anything else.

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