Thursday, July 06, 2017

Morning Joe - World Has Little Confidence In Trump, Poll Shows


Seadog said...

I think the rest of the planet looks upon Trumpf et al. as an extremely dangerous Circus act like the Wallendas. ( My wife is working their show this month at the TROP Casino / Hotel in AC> Nice people but a little strange. Trumpf's Presidency is best viewed through the lens of the Freak show at the Circus. Look at who works for him its a rogue's gallery of freaks. At Energy, we have Rick Perry "the two headed lizardman!" @ Education "Patsy Devos the women without a brain!" Heading up the State Dept. is Greasy Rex Tillerson the Sect. of Standard Oil ( AKA STATE.) On EPA is Scott Pruitt the man who hates Rivers, Oceans and any Naturally Occurring place or things!" It goes on and on like this. It's only going to get worse every day we allow this disgusting spectacle and Amateur act to proceed. Sadly but almost inevitably sooner or later lots of Americans and others are likely to die from it.

Jim Sande said...

There are and will be consequences to having this miserable man runt he show. The thing that concerns men is how long will it take before he's out of power and there's a reversal. Not only that, but can this even happen given the way voting has been corrupted and the people who work on corrupting the vote, are in charge. Keep your options open.