Monday, June 05, 2017


Washington Post: Why are Republicans getting so little done? Because their agenda is deeply unpopular. By Paul Waldman
The latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll finds that an incredible 84 percent of Americans say that it’s important that any replacement of the Affordable Care Act maintains the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid. Even 71 percent of Republicans said so. Which is a problem for the GOP, because rolling back the Medicaid expansion is the centerpiece of the Republican repeal plan.


Seadog said...

They don't care what anyone but their wealthy donors wants. The ONLY thing they want is to give these people huge tax breaks by destroying the social safety net and the regulatory agencies of the Gov't. The only functions of the Gov't they support are Defense / Intell. and police all else is to be defunded eventually. All Social programs like SSI, Medicare / Medicaid, and all the rest are to be defunded, privatized ( looted) or just shut down. They will forge ahead to do this now because they know it's their historical moment. Trumpf's project is to destroy the democratic part of the system by hammering flat the separation of powers and eventually destroying the Courts and the media. All Civil and political rights will be curtailed or ended once he declares an Emergency after a large Terrorist attack or a large Natural disaster he's just waiting for either to justify a coup.

Jim Sande said...

Yes, the GOP is about enriching the superlatively rich. It's good business, it's a good gig. Imagine the money river these guys fall into and in addition they get all the perks including religious affirmation, patriotism, all angles are covered. They just have to give up their individuality and morality.