Thursday, June 08, 2017


Salon: Comey’s testimony so far: Trump is incompetent, self-destructive and in really big trouble - Donald Trump still thinks he's a manipulative genius who can wriggle free of any possible scandal. Not this time by Bob Cesca


Seadog said...

The GOP and its base couldn't care less if he's a serial killer as long as he's killing blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims. They have all the power in DC now and that's all that counts to them not how they got there. Trumpf's victory gave them the trifecta and they intend to turn the clock back to the Middle Ages if they can get away with it. Trumpf is to most of them just a means to an end and he knows as long as he carries out what they want they will stick with him. From their perspective so far so good he's one of them and screw everyone else.

Jim Sande said...

The good news is that this does not go away. This albatross gets hung around their necks for a long time. I thought one of the more interesting mentions from Comey was about the power of the media. Call it a matter Clinton said and the media makes it an investigation. These guys are concerned about the media. The media is not letting go of this bone any time soon because there's more to learn. Trump is dirty as hell with Russia, he can deny all he wants but this mess keeps turning its ugly head and looking straight at Trump. I personally believe Trump is completely complicit.