Friday, June 09, 2017


Adam Schiff tweets -

Comey: He dangled my job. Demanded loyalty. Wanted Flynn case dropped. Wanted Russia cloud lifted. Fired me.

Trump: I'm totally vindicated!


Seadog said...

Doesn't matter he'll just say he never said anything of those things. He's a serial rapist and abuser a con and money launder for the Russian mob and I suspect a killer as well. He has no morals, ethics or conscience. He is only about doing whatever it takes to WIN in his world you are either a WINNER or a LOSER. That's it that's the extent of Donald's moral Universe. He sees himself always as a winner. His following sees that also. They would argue isn't he? Isn't he a billionaire and the President of the USA? They would argue so maybe he USED Russian help to win, so what he won that's all that counts. In their moral Universe if Benedict Arnold has won the Revolutionary War for the British by being their spy he would be a hero today not a villain and a traitor so to us Donald won and he's our hero and Russia and Putin are our friends and allies and we are going to write history because we won and you all of you lost. Or did we? History is a funny thing. Cho En Li the Prime Minister under Mao cultured Chinese gentlemen and Communist a scholar of World history no less was asked by Edgar Snow Mao's Biographer once asked him whether the French Revolution was a success and his answer was " The juries still out on that one."

Jim Sande said...

Our job is to make sure all his bullshit is thrown back in his face. The man is black and white, winner and loser just as you say, but he's also rattled and sloppy as all hell. He's also impulsive and seems to have little concern for plans, he just goes about plowing through whatever in his way. It aint going to work.