Wednesday, June 07, 2017


The Atlantic: James Comey's Opening Statement on Trump, Annotated - The former FBI director is testifying Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee on his interactions and conversations with the president. by Elaine Godfrey


Seadog said...

Its all a waste of time if you ask me. Trumpf knows the GOP would never ever ever ever Impeach him so he doesn't give a shit about any of this even if he appears to be bothered. He's not it's all just a ruse. He'll never quit and unless he does something so completely nuts as to require a strait jacket or worse don't count on anything from these hearing investigations etc. Trumpf goes off the way he does because he feels he has total power to do as he pleases and gets pissed off when someone doesn't kiss his ass. In short, he's a loose cannon and there's NOBODY that can crap about it. Think Caligula, Nero, Stalin, Mao, Hitler you get the picture. Worse far worse is to come before this ends badly.

Jim Sande said...

Trump gets a lot of mud on his face after all this, plus, this Comey interview is not the end of the road. This is still the opening round. It will take a major event which no doubt Trump is praying for at this very moment, to occur to take this off the front page. Trump's number are still dropping, this will not help him at all because it creates suspicion and doubt. This has to be the worst start to any presidency in history, hands down.