Monday, June 05, 2017

Down We Go

CNN: Trump's poll numbers are in a very, very bad place
The latest Gallup track on June 3 put Trump's job approval at a dismal 36%


Seadog said...

It's only his hardcore that is enjoying the chaos this man has brought to the WH. These are the people that applaud the violence and the anger that sits in the center of this man. He's the most dangerous person to ever become President.

Jim Sande said...

He is the most dangerous. He is utterly lacking a moral compass, a capacity to learn and grow, even a basic consciousness that might prevent him from constantly lying. Themn is a glutton for himself. His support is very slowly eroding from his base, most are still there as you say, but they are clearly on their own and within their support, the degree is drifting - from strongly agree to agree.