Monday, June 12, 2017

Circling The Wagons

Salon: Newt Gingrich changes his mind about Russia special prosecutor Robert Mueller - Newt Gingrich joins a swell of conservatives who are suddenly speaking up against special counsel Robert Mueller by Matthew Sheffield


Seadog said...

Yes, Trumpf and his flunkies and court jesters like Newt are already marking out the next victim for this odious ugly regime and it's surprise surprise going to be Robert Mueller. Or will it? You see not all the GOP wants Mr. Mueller fired because they don't like Trumpf and his shitshow and are just using his sorry ass to sign off on their own Reactionary Circus. Once done they might read Mueller's report and it's conclusive enough proof of Impeachable even treasonous crimes at that juncture they might pull it forward and dump the Trumpf and maybe evn put Paul Ryan on the throne. Read the history of the English Civil War and the earlier War of the Roses to get a feeling for how these kinds of things unfold. The War is all on the GOP side of the aisle now and Mr. Trumpf has to watch his own back at this pt.

Jim Sande said...

Trump has created such a large chaos cloud that firing Mueller which ordinarily would be a stunning moment, in Trump world it's just another day soon to be eclipsed. Let's see where this goes. I would also expect Rudy to get in on the act soon too. Gingrich and Rudy are the old tag team sowing doubt and inciting fear and hate everywhere they go.

Seadog said...

Today's mumblings from the right are that Mueller's days are now numbered. Seems his crime is being too close a friend of the now disgraced Comey. The truth is that Trumpf, of course, is more then likely guilty of collusion with the Russians and much more. Doesn't matter being a traitor is not a problem for the GOP Congress if it involves dealing with the Russian Dictator and his cronies. Trumpf is down at 35% in the polls and falling he doesn't care, neither do they yet.