Thursday, May 04, 2017

Pure Evil

NY Times: House Passes Measure to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act By THOMAS KAPLAN and ROBERT PEAR


Glynn Kilara said...

The deeply unpopular and extremely cruel bill will come back to haunt the GOP if there is any Justice left in this darkening land. Sadly, I have little faith it will for many reasons. For one thing we got this bill largely because the fecklessness of the Dems. when they had it in their power in 2009- 2010 to pass a really good bill and instead decided to give us a system that was deeply flawed and profoundly unjust. Not only was Obamacare little more then a GOP idea from a previous generation but it was a huge gift to the very Healthcare Ins. Corps. that wrote it. Even then it wasn't ever enough for them so now we have this nightmare. We are now going to get a system actually worse then the one Obamacare replaced and it doesn't matter how much we complain or march or hang out in our Congressman's office or make calls write letters etc. Why? because $$ talks in DC and people get to run the Marathon these days. Welcome back to an even crueler darker version more corrupt version of BV$Hland. Now we have a true Authoritarian at the helm an ignorant nast evil one.

Jim Sande said...

Hopefully it gets tossed in the Senate. That's really the only hope for this monstrosity. Trump, eesh, he's the pits.