Thursday, May 04, 2017

Bad Bill

NY Times: The New Study That Shows Trumpcare’s Damage by David Leonhardt
Above all, the bill cuts health benefits for the poor, the middle class, the elderly and the sick, and it funnels the savings to tax cuts for the rich.


Glynn Kilara said...

The part that's most important to the GOP is the tax part. The loss of Healthcare doesn't mean shit to them because they see the poor and the lower middle class ( same thing these days,) as BAD actors who deserve an early painful death and many of them have said as much. Let them pass this piece of crap and let it filter on down and start wrecking lives. By 2018 fall the price for this awful law will come due, hopefully.

Jim Sande said...

The GOP only does one thing - benefits the rich, end of story. Hopefully it fails in the Senate.