Thursday, April 06, 2017


NY Times: U.S. to Weigh Military Responses to Syrian Chemical Attack By MICHAEL R. GORDON and MICHAEL D. SHEAR


Seadog said...

So, as I predicted earlier in the day we'd be at War with 24 hrs. It only took 3 hrs. Trumpf at 34% in the polls and falling faster than a V2 rocket on London or is that Damascus had to be seen as a tough guy after all those dead kids hit the newsstands. Can't have that and as long as these same kids aren't coming here then we can blow them up there. Make sense right?

Jim Sande said...

Right, good point, he's going out of his way to prevent Syrians from coming here, but as long as they are getting gassed to death in Syria, might as well lob some missiles.