Thursday, April 06, 2017

Big Mistake

NY Times: Senate Republicans Deploy ‘Nuclear Option’ to Clear Path for Neil Gorsuch By MATT FLEGENHEIMER


Seadog said...

If they extend the rule change to major legislation as well the GOP will be able to go forward and do whatever they want if they can ever get their act together. What were seeing is that the GOP is like the Dems. a fragile coalition of different factions some much more far right then others and some far more socially and politically liberal than others ( relatively speaking.) The moderately liberal wing from deep blue States stopped the Ocare repeal and will also probably kill any far right tax reform as well. The simple truth is Trumpf at 34% in the polls and only winning barely last Nov. no matter what he says had NO mandate for radical change as he says or thinks he has. He also doesn't have the GOP behind him like he thought he did. He won last year in an extremely fractured political situation and is now a very unpopular even hated minority President. Worse he's unfit for the job in any event. My guess is he's planning on sending in a large expedition of troops into Syria to try and forestall the advancing Russiagate investigations in Congress and by the FBI. He won't think twice at sacrificing thousands of GIs and Syrians if it serves his own ends Trumpf is ruthless a, cruel and evil human life means nothing to this guy.

Jim Sande said...

Things like this have a way of coming back. The GOP will be haunted by this.

Seadog said...

I agree if we can rebuild the Dems. into a much more Progressive party and retake power in DC we'll actually be in a much better place to create a single payer system and do other much-needed reforms. It's NOT going to be easy the GOP plans to try and use its power to reshape the country in exactly the opposite direction if it can ever get a ruling coalition together and it's not as easy as they thought it would be.