Friday, April 14, 2017

$16 Million Per

Guardian UK: MOAB attack on Isis was a baffling choice in cold-blooded terms of cost - Using ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan to kill 36 militants – at $450,000 each – will not change its reputation as a white elephant
Each MOAB, or massive ordinance air blast – nicknamed the “mother of all bombs” – costs $16m out of a total program cost of $314m which produced about 20 of the bombs.


Seadog said...

Bombastic is how Trumpf's reign is going to be remembered. He's like a little boy using our military to show how tough he is. It's a bullies approach to politics and the world should be forewarned. It appears he believes in using the same strategy for domestic politics as well so we should all be forewarned. This past week he threatened to blow up the health Ins. markets in the US out of sheer vengeance and vindictiveness and because he can. No, thought at the millions of lives he will disrupt or the 1/5 of the economy this will effect. He's shit stirring thoughtless bully without the skills to really negotiate crap. This is exactly how he conducted himself as a developer. He thinks BIGLY and then doesn't pay his bills everyone else pays for his grandiosity and egotism.

Jim Sande said...

It strikes me that there are good fellas in NYC that would have done this work for half the price. $450,000 per kill?