Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Tech Times: Mars Base Camp Likely By 2028, Colonizing Mars Will Not Be Easy


Seadog said...

Colonizing Earth is also proving extremely difficult and our home planet ( AKA Trappist D to the colonials) might be soon deciding the end the experiment here and vacate all remaining people from the planet due to overheating of the atmosphere and oceans and the resultant runaway greenhouse effect. Reports are the Colonizing authority is not happy with our attempts at reigning in those colonials that seem to believe Earth has unlimited resources that can be plundered at will and the waste from this plunder then simply dumped into the planet's air, water and land. Where the colonization plan went wrong is being assessed and a report will be released to the Interplanetary authorities forthwith. In the mean time, any plan to do the same thing to another planet in this systems habitable zone has been suspended.

Jim Sande said...

I found the articles title alone to be curious - 'Colonizing Mars Will Not Be Easy'.

No shit.

Let's see, no air, no water (maybe), different gravity, utterly dependent on technology 24/7, a body that is not designed to live on a different planet, etc etc etc.

Seadog said...
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Seadog said...

Yea, living on Mars with a body designed for Earth's gravity and atmosphere might be a challenge. So, I think it would be better to do a base on the moon first to work out the details and the technology necessary. The moon has water ice lots of it and many of the other minerals necessary to build a colony. Mining the moon also has some big upsides as it's apparently filled with rare elements like He3 ( necessary for a clean burning Fusion reactor.) and many others. What's the hurry getting to Mars anyway? Hell, let the Chinese throw lives away doing Mars if they want. Musk and the rest of the Mars hounds are just what they are in a hurry.