Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's A Deal Alright

  China promises to peak its emissions by 2030. This is the era we live in, people know there's man made global warming and don't want to do much about it. If there was ever a kick the can down the road deal, this is it.

CS Monitor: It's official: China pledges ambitious goal toward UN climate deal - China has now made its contribution toward a global climate deal official, promising to peak its emissions by 2030. But while the world's top emitter will be a critical piece of any deal, many heavy emitters have yet to promise cuts. By Jared Gilmour

Which People?

  Christie throws his hat in and is now going to help the people. Well he did shite for the people of Jersey excluding some cronies so I believe we must assume he is talking about cronies not "the" people.

Guardian UK: Chris Christie enters presidential race: 'I am now ready to fight for the people' - Outspoken and divisive New Jersey governor enters Republican presidential field and decries ‘bickering leaders’ from both political parties in Washington

Have A Great Tuesday

work by Walter De Maria

The Onion - U.S. Wastes 2 Million Hours Annually Figuring Out Where Tape Roll Starts


TRNN - How China's Infrastructure Bank Threatens America's Hegemony

The Drought

Clown Bus


Hot England

Global Warming - Britain's Heatwave

What A Week

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 66 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. We could have a nice day, it's possible. The week is starting out with a demonstrative bang. On the economic front Greece's imminent IMF default, the first country to ever do such a thing, has caused tremendous reverberations around the investment world. The DOW plunged yesterday, and equities lost value right and left. Everyone was worried, everyone who has some investments. As we approach retirement, these fluctuations seem real personal. But this is the stock market. Be honest, is anyone experiencing a little bit of schadenfreude surrounding Trump's firing from NBC. Trump true to his nature struck back at NBC. I just wish I had that type of psychology where I could pin every bad thing that occurs to me on something else. I just seem to know better. But the people I have met that act out in their life in this way, blaming everything except the source, themselves, are not my best friends anymore. I need a lot of distance from that. Projecting blame out externally is a key aspect of an immature and narcissistic personality. I'm no shrink but I do have life experience.

  At 8:15 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  Actually a lot could change between now and the opening bell. With Greece in severe play and with China going through a major market correction, there is a lot of volatility in the indexes. We've seen this before, we're old pros at this at this point. This is the stock market not grandma's piggy bank.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Greek banks are shut and capital controls in place as the country approaches a July 5 referendum which will decide its fate in the euro.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Just read this on Reuters:
Breaking News: Yemen state news agency Saba says Yemeni forces launch Scud missile at Saudi Arabia

You're Fired

'God Don't Like Ugly'

  Over the weekend a police sanctioned Confederate flag truck parade was held in Georgia. A black man took video and commented on the event. Right after he mentions that it looks like an accident may occur, it does. At this point the black man states, "God don't like ugly."

  I concur...

Texas Is Above The Law

$271 Billion

Overriding The Norms Of One's Upbringing And Peers

A Traditional Dope

Have A Great Monday

work by Walter De Maria

The Onion - Only 47,000 Social Justice Milestones To Go Before U.S. Achieves Full Equality

Evolving Morality And Social Norms

The Rap News - Pope Francis, The 10 Climate Commandments

The Drought

Critical Condition



Global Warming - Help...

Reich's Latest

Excellent article, as always with Reich.

Robert Reich: Why We Must Fight Economic Apartheid in America

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 62 degrees and the sun is trying to appear here in the Upper Hudson Valley. We could be in for a gorgeous day, eventually. I hope you had an excellent weekend. If this coming week is anything like last week, hang on to your hats. World events are fluid and as we know not all of it is positive. Living in Upstate NY, the escapees, one shot dead and the other shot, still alive, and now in custody, is a strong story. What a life, misery from day one for Sweat as I watched a clip of his mother. What a household to grow up in. Yeow.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are significantly lower and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market will tank bigtime at the opening bell.

  One word - Greece. It appears that the proverbial shite has hit the fan and investors are running around like their hair is on fire ditching equities as fast as possible. My advice is to keep cool, corrections happen, this is how the market works.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The country (Greece) now appears almost certain to default on a critical debt payment due to the International Monetary Fund due Tuesday.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Have A Great Sunday

I'll be taking a planned break from the blog today. I plan to reopen bright and early Monday morning. See you then.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Paint Time

Pakistan And The New El Nino's Effect

Bangor Daily: Pakistan heat wave eases after more than 1,150 die

The Independent: Thousands of people killed by extreme weather in 2015 as El Nino arrives to bring more chaos
Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India are likely to face drought, whereas parts of South America and the US get face flooding and torrential rain.

Slavery And White Supremacy

Politico: The Confederate Flag Was Always Racist - Modern-day racists who brandish Confederate symbols are not distorting their meaning. By BRUCE LEVINE
The Confederate States of America firmly and emphatically stood for slavery and white supremacy from its birth. Modern-day racists like Roof who brandish Confederate symbols are not distorting their meaning. On the contrary: these racists stand squarely within the Confederate tradition. Pretending otherwise is an obstacle to coming to terms honestly with this country's history and the enduring strength of the racist views that its symbols celebrate.

Maher - GOP Removes Important Meat Labeling Information

Freak Out

  Does anyone recall GOPers talking about an imperial court when they handed GW Bush the election back in 2000?

I didn't think so...

Salon: The GOP’s apocalyptic gay-marriage freakout: “I will not acquiesce to an imperial court” - After the Supreme Court's historic decision for marriage equality, Republicans are clinging to their ignorance

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work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Onion - Nation’s Homophobic Bigots Pack It In, ‘Rules Are Rules,’ Say Those With Deeply Ingrained Prejudices

A Brighter Future

TRNN - Gay Marriage Victory Is Not About Equality



Global Warming - Practical And Moral


  Actually according to the MBTI, there are 8 types of introverts.

NY Mag: So Apparently There Are 4 Kinds of Introversion

Frank Rich's Latest

Friday, June 26, 2015




Fire And Brimstone

It's Been A Helluva Week...


Jezebel: A Glorious Treasury of the Conservative Gay Marriage Freakout
“Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage. I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision. I also believe that we should love our neighbor and respect others, including those making lifetime commitments. In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side. It is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate.” Jeb

CBS News: GOP candidates lash out at Supreme Court for same-sex marriage ruling
Trump - "Once again the Bush appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has let us down. Jeb pushed him hard! Remember!"

Trump is such an ass that he doesn't even know that Roberts voted against not for.

Gay Marriage

Have A Great Friday

work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Onion - Americans Take Brief Break From Waiting On Hold With Insurance Providers To Celebrate Obamacare Ruling


TRNN - Humans Survival In The Sixth Extinction

The Drought

Tunisia Attack

Supreme Idiot

Global Warming - Corals

Fracking And Infant Mortality

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 63 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The weather logo is predicting another gorgeous day. Big week for Obama as you know. He got his trade deal and he got the Supremes to lay down the law on Obamacare. Is any of this going to benefit us. I got to think no. Otherwise it's been another week of disturbing crappy news. The CNN headline is about a beheading in France with Islamic fingerprints left behind. The world is nuts and fortunately the weekend is here. What's the deal with the Knicks picking Porzingis?

  At 8:15 a.m. ET futures are modestly higher and the price of oil per barrel is down in the $59 range. The market is poised to open higher.

  Global stocks are tanking as the Chinese market is in correction mode. Topping that off another major hurdle with Greece is coming up next week. Where does that leave Wall Street? Who knows, it's so unpredictable but right now but there is pressure to sink.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Stocks in China took a major tumble Friday, with both the Shanghai Composite and Shenzhen index dropping by 7.4% and 7.9%, respectively.

European stock markets are sinking as investors worry about Greece's potential default next week.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Laughable Cowards

Gabor Maté - What Is Addiction?

Well done.


Raw Story: Conservatives have white hot emotional meltdown after SCOTUS Obamacare ruling
"Obamacare justice Roberts still blackmailed for adoption of two foreign kids provides key vote for Obamacare. He is still a trader."
(Besides Obamacare, gay marriage, abortion, social security, peace, taxes, eduction, science, any religion other than fundamentalist Christianity, and facts, Conservatives also seem to hate spelling - trader? Try traitor bonehead)

Get Used To It

Have A Great Thursday

work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Borowitz Report - Number Of G.O.P. Candidates Now Thirteen, Says C.D.C.

New Yorker: Number of G.O.P. Candidates Now Thirteen, Says C.D.C.
“It might have been misplaced optimism on our part, but we had started to believe that this thing had been contained,” said the C.D.C. spokesman Dr. Harland Dorrinson. “Regrettably, it has not.”


TRNN - The Most Racist Flag

The Drought



Global Warming - Medical Emergency

By Jeb

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 64 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. It looks like it's two days in a row of gorgeous weather. The news is dominated by the NY jailbreak and by the renewed interest to ditch the Confederate flag. The common thread is this overall and not equal sense of captivity, of people being held in chains. The at large convicts are murderers. Slaves didn't want any part of it but were imprisoned anyhow, just as Charleston's Confederate statehouse flag is padlocked or imprisoned to its flagpole. There is a growing movement to relax America's severe imprisonment laws which have swelled the prison population. Once people are in the prison system it is difficult to get out and that is by recent design. We also want to unchain the recollection of racism, remove its symbols

  At 8:00 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is down in the $60+ area. The market is poised to open higher.

  Two strong components have pulled and are pulling global markets lower. Wall Street at this moment is less affected but who knows how that will end later on. China is going through a stock correction and now the deal to restructure Greek debt is back on life support after a period of optimism over the last few days. Meanwhile the week is flying by.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Chinese markets are now experiencing a correction after a stunning rise this year.

"The apparent lack of progress at yesterday's meeting of eurozone finance ministers has left the prospect of a deal between Greece and its creditors once more hanging by a fine thread..."

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Above And Beyond

Larry Wilmore - Don Lemon


WaPo: The GOP’s remarkably rapid political shift on the Confederate flag
But it is also possible that what we witnessed Monday was a great flight to a new position now that it constitutes relatively safe political ground.

American Export

Be Strong Sarah

  I hope no one is too upset by this FOX course change. Truth is I hope her life doesn't devolve to binge drinking and supermarket tabloids but that could be her path...

Mother Jones: Fox News Has Apparently Had Enough of Sarah Palin

Have A Great Wednesday

work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Onion - South Carolina Refuses To Remove Confederate Flag From Capitol Trailer

Gigantic Rodents

TRNN - What Is The Real Symbol Of White Supremacy?

The Drought


Jindal Is In, Along With His Dubious Achievement

Global Warming - The Sun

Robert Reich - Big Picture, Get Big Money Out Of Politics

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 69 degrees and sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. It is a perfect day. We see that Southern states are under pressure to remove Confederate flags from government buildings and to redesign state flags as well. Large outlets and distributors have removed Confederate flag items from their stock. This is a new movement to stamp out the signs of racism in the South as a result of the terrible shooting of nine innocent people in Charleston by an avowed white racist. I think the flag removal is a positive step unfortunately racist sentiment and beliefs will not go away quite as quickly as the flag. Still, it's a good step, strikes me that it's also way past due.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is up now trading just above $61. The market is poised to open lower.

  According to a Wall Street Journal article, the US economy shrunk in the first quarter by .2%. The previous estimate was -.7% and there is the suggestion that the remainder of 2015 looks to be strong. Netflix anyone - 7 for 1 split, hmmm.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
...the third revision for estimates of first quarter GDP. The previous estimate from the bureau showed GDP shrank by 0.7% in the first quarter.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Guardian UK: Hillary Clinton on course to win presidential election, poll says - NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds former secretary of state is first choice in Democratic primary, and that she would go on to defeat Republican opponents
It showed Clinton polling at 48% to 40% against her closest Republican contender, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the brother of former president George W Bush and son of former president George HW Bush.

Against the Florida senator Marco Rubio, Clinton polled 50% against 40%. And against Wisconsin governor Scott Walker she polled 51% to 37%.


Larry Wilmore - Confederate Flag Down Now

Israel Drought

Have A Great Tuesday

work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Borowitz Report - Trump: Pope’s Call To Save Planet Masks Even More Reckless Call To Feed Poor

Climate Change And Health

TRNN - Hawaii To Leave Fossil Fuels For 100% Renewable Energy By 2045 Part 1

The Drought

Gizmodo: Soil Sensors Can Cut Farms’ Water Use By a Quarter During Drought
First, the farmer sticks three wireless, cloud-based sensors in the ground. From there, the sensors analyze soil conditions and suggests an amount of water those crops need. (TechCrunch says the sensors pull from publicly available data of the various soil types that can be found on a field.) Using a mobile app, the farmer views the readings, and the irrigation system is automatically adjusted to distribute just the right amount of water in that particular region of the field.

Pakistan Heat Wave

BBC: Pakistan calls for urgent measures as heatwave toll tops 450
Health officials say many deaths have been in the largest city, Karachi, which has experienced temperatures as high as 45C (113F) in recent days.


The Environment - SAD

Save America's Dumps - satire

Hedge's Latest - On Prisons

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 76 degrees and thunderstorms are expected here in the Upper Hudson Valley. It's pretty still out there, no wind at all. The sound of chirping birds as I type is very strong and pleasing. Today South Carolina may decide to take down it's Confederate flag, Mississippi decides too. If only an equally similar and simple act could disassemble deeply rooted racism. The flag might go, but it will take eons for racism to fizzle out.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is down, now trading in the $60 range. The market is poised to open higher.

  The Greek drama continues to unfold and right now hopes are high that a debt restructuring deal is coming. Otherwise, a market calm seems to be in play, extreme disruptions and worries are temporarily relaxed.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
"Market reactions still continue to point to a firmly rooted belief that lenders and Greece will manage to reach an agreement that will prevent a Greek default and Grexit."

Monday, June 22, 2015


A derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm.

NBC News: Derecho: Strong Storms Cause Damage Across Midwest

Cruz, Paul, Santorum, Gohmert, King

Think Progress: Republicans Scramble To Disavow Contributions From White Supremacists
The current leader of the CCC (a designated white nationalist hate group), Earl Holt, has donated tens of thousands of dollars Republican candidates for President and Congress — money that these officials are now scrambling to disavow and return.


Have A Great Monday

work by Dennis Oppenheim - 'Device To Root Out Evil'

The Onion - Woman Who Changed Self To Please Boyfriend Enjoying Happy Long-Term Relationship

Strategy For Repairing Heart Damage

TRNN - Among Protests, Alexis Tsipras Deals Another Hand To EU Leaders Before Summit On Greece

The Drought

Francis Goes After The Guns

  Could it be that there is a voice of sanity out there in the wilds of the world. I sure hope he's well protected because the world seems to have a penchant for squelching voices of sanity.

Guardian UK: Pope Francis suggests those in weapons industry can't call themselves Christian - At rally of young people in Turin, Francis issues his toughest condemnation to date of the weapons industry, criticising investors as well as workers

Global Warming - Catholic And Partisan

  The Pope's encyclical won't budge the thinking of Catholic global warming deniers. The GOP talks a good game about dropping the separation of church and state but when push comes to shove, political affiliation usurps church teachings.

Pew: Catholics Divided Over Global Warming - Partisan Differences Mirror Those Among General Public

Robert Reich - End Mass Incarceration

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is a delightful 72 degrees and it is sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Looks like we are in for a wonderful day. Well it's Summer. The solstice has come and gone and you know what that means - the days are actually starting to get shorter. It's hard to believe but it's true but, we still have to go through the dog days of July and August. I hope you had a good weekend. I hope that all the good dads out there were treated as well as I. I had a fun dinner with my close family, and hey somebody else picked up the tab! You can't beat that when that happens, you just can't.

  At 8:50 a.m. ET futures are significantly higher and the price of oil per barrel is up, just under $60. The market is poised to open higher.

  Well we're back to one word - Greece. Investors feel it in their bones, a deal to restructure Greek debt is about to get worked out. The can is about to be kicked. So we can expect that the Greek finance problem will come back. Meanwhile revel in the morning's boost.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
An official within the European Commission tweeted overnight that Greece has submitted a new proposal to its creditors that would provide a "good basis for progress" during a meeting of top eurozone leaders. And the European Central Bank agreed to provide yet more emergency funding for Greek banks.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cardinal Donald Wuerl Responds To Jeb Bush And Rush Limbaugh On Climate Change

Have A Great Sunday

work by Dennis Oppenheim

The Onion - God Admits He Too Close To Creation To Judge Whether It Any Good Or Not


TRNN - South Carolina Church Massacre In 'Ideological Home' Of White Supremacy

The Drought

The First Ever International Yoga Day

South Carolina

Guardian UK: 'The home of racism': Walter Scott and church shootings lay bare Charleston's original sin - The city’s history and much of its wealth were born from the slave trade – the tension from which, many believe, lingers in race-tinged incidents to this day
“South Carolina has been a hotbed of pro-Confederate sympathy, running right up to the current date,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the intelligence project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. “This is just a state with a lot of racial problems and a lot of historical baggage.”

“At times, it’s been placed with the highest per capita rate of hate groups,” Beirich said, adding it is now home at to least 19 active hate groups.

Global Warming - How Deniers Set Out To Change The Pope's Mind About Releasing The Encyclical And Failed


  Yours truly is right on the edge of eating a 100% vegetarian diet. After watching lots of footage about how companies raise and slaughter animals, I just can't go there anymore. In a pinch, sure, I'd probably eat meat and I don't condemn anybody else for eating it because I ate plenty of it for decades. Do what you need to do.

AlterNet: 7 Giant Lies About Red Meat Promoted by the Meat Industry - The USDA has continued to discredit red meat, but the meat industry has to make its profits. By Martha Rosenberg


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vigilant Fear

Internet Evil


  Reports on the study are spreading through the media. Brace for an equally disturbing reaction from the right.

Time: Scientists Warn ‘Sixth Extinction’ May Be Underway - The paper used conservative premises and still arrived at what scientists said was a concerning conclusion

Inside Amy Schumer - Say Fine To The Shirt

The Onion - Georgia Adds Swastika, Middle Finger To State Flag

Have A Great Saturday

example of the ancient Japanese tattooing tradition Irezumi

The Onion - NRA Starts Up Their Shit About What Would Be Even Greater Injustice

Extinction Phase

TRNN - Vigil For Charleston Church Shooting Victims Dispersed By Bomb Threats

The Drought

Extinction Phase

BBC: Earth 'entering new extinction phase' - US study
They found that the current extinction rate was more than 100 times higher than in periods when Earth was not going through a mass extinction event.

Since 1900, the report says, more than 400 more vertebrates had disappeared.

Such a loss would normally be seen over a period of up to 10,000 years, the scientists say.

The study - published in the Science Advances journal - cites causes such as climate change, pollution and deforestation.



Global Warming - Francis

WSJ: Scientists Back Pope Francis on Global Warming - Pontiff draws praise for adding moral and religious imperative to argument on dangers of climate change
“But what struck me was his linking of environmental degradation to cultural, political and social decline. That’s the most valuable part of the document because it says that climate change is not an isolated problem.”


Right Wing Watch: Sandy Rios: Obama 'Enjoyed' Charleston Shooting
...he “enjoys” such incidents because it will give him another chance to “remove guns from the hands of the American people."

Friday, June 19, 2015


Slate: GOP Hopefuls Would Rather Not Talk About Race and the Charleston Shooting By Josh Voorhees
You know who is not eager to see this shooting as racially motivated? Most of the Republicans running for president. Top-tier candidates such as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio offered short statements on Twitter extending their prayers and condolences to the victims and the community, but all avoided any mention of the gunman’s apparent racist motivation or even the victims’ race.


Larry Wilmore Rips Conservative Response To Charleston Shootings

The Daily Show - Charleston Church Shooting

Have A Great Friday

example of the ancient Japanese tattooing tradition Irezumi

The Onion - Frustrated Republicans Argue Pope Should Leave Science To Scientists Who Deny Climate Change


TRNN - Pope Francis Goes Green Balancing Science And Religion

The Drought


Of Course

Global Warming - Comic Relief (Except It's Bitterly Tragic)


The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 71 degrees and at the moment sunny here in the Upper Hudson Valley. The weather logo is indicating rain today. Another week has flown by and the grace of another weekend enters the picture. On Sunday I was out at a land preserve and as I walked back to the car I noticed a tick crawling on my leg. Yesterday I started to do a little yoga late in the afternoon and saw a tick crawling on my shirt. Be careful, there are a lot of ticks crawling around and it doesn't help that I live in a zone that is highly traveled by deer. Just be alert because they can attach themselves unnoticeably.

  At 8:45 a.m. ET futures are modestly higher and the price of oil per barrel is down. The market is poised to open higher.

  There is a calm on Wall Street this morning but global concerns remain about the fate of Greece. The country is about to do the unheard of and miss a payment to the IMF.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
Without an agreement very soon, Greece could miss a payment to the International Monetary Fund due at the end of the month, making it the first developed country to ever default on IMF debt.

And there are concerns that Greek banks will continue to bleed deposits as account holders fear the country may fall out of the eurozone.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yes There Will

Billionaire's Discretion

Meaning, Hardly

Have A Great Thursday

example of the ancient Japanese tattooing tradition Irezumi

The Onion - U.S. Consumers Announce Plan To Get One Of Those

Man Made Pollution 400,000 Years Ago

Porn Changing Society

TRNN - U.S. Counter-Terrorism And The Saudi-Turkish-Israeli Strategic Alliance To Overthrow Assad Part 1

The Drought


The Benedict Option

  There are factions in the Catholic Church that want to split off and form a splinter Catholicism. They are despondent over Francis' moves on social liberties and now global warming. No surprise here, the conservative mind is like a vise, nothing new and illuminating can get in. This is the tragedy because it's all born out of fear, plain and simple.

The New Republic: The Last Time Conservatives Dismissed a Major Encyclical, It Ended Terribly for Them
Anticipating a rout in the cultural wars, traditionalist Catholics are toying with the idea of secession.

Buckley’s feud with the Catholic left came to a boil when Pope John XXIII released the encyclical Mater et Magistra (Mother and Teacher) in 1961, which reaffirmed the church’s support for government welfare programs and coupled them with calls to fight poverty in the Third World and end colonialism


  Well here we have it, Forbes is a conservative stronghold publication. Surprisingly, Forbes takes a light approach.

Forbes: Pope Francis Talks Climate Change, Shocks Conservatives
Rick Santorum even suggested the Pope shouldn’t concern himself with such weighty matters and stick to theology (Huffpost). Trump, Rubio, Cruz, all dismissed the Pope out of hand.

Jeb Bush said, “I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or my Pope.”

The Extremist

  Turns out Jeb Bush is to the right of GW Bush! Jeb is demonstrating he is nothing short of being an extremist. Here we thought, a sensible Bush maybe, hopefully - no sir. He is a full flat out fundie with pure neocon highlights. Even Trump seems more 'sensible' than Jeb.

NYT: Jeb Bush and Religion: He’s No John Kennedy By Andrew Rosenthal

Oh The Tragedy...

Global Warming - The Encyclical

Guardian UK: Pope's climate change encyclical tells rich nations: 'Pay your debt to the poor' - Pontiff’s 180-page intervention in climate change debate casts blame for ‘ecological crisis’ on the indifference of the powerful
Francis writes: “Those who possess more resources and economic or political power seem mostly to be concerned with masking the problems or concealing their symptoms”. The failure to respond, he says, points to the loss of a “sense of responsibility for our fellow men and women upon which all civil society is founded”.

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 65 degrees and cloudy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. At least it's not humid. Well it's a big day. We'll take a look at the Pope's encyclical and naturally scoff at the predictably stupid conservative reaction. Hey wait a minute - isn't Catholicism marked by it's conservative stances. Also Greece will be in focus - that's a large global deal. But man, how about this mass shooting in Charleston. It's reeking of racism with a white male suspect as the perpetrator. That is just downright depressing. Let's witness this unnecessary suffering and tragedy and remain focused on our shard humanity. Right now there are nine families in Charleston who are experiencing incredible suffering from the senseless sudden loss of a loved one. Send these families you best mental offerings.

  At 8:45 a.m. futures are modestly higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  Weekly first time layoff numbers came in at 267,000 people axed from their jobs. Oddly enough the number represents an improving job market - go figure. Greece will be in the spotlight as we know. Although the market is starting off in the green over the past weeks the opening and the close of the indexes has really swung up and down. Fortunately the recent shifts have been less severe. Watch, today it'll go nuts. You just never know.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The risks surrounding Greece have pulled down European markets, which are all in the red in early trading.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yes We Shall

Nuanced Savviness


Have A Great Wednesday

work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The Onion - Gap Closures To Leave Americans With Fewer Places To Buy Pants For Friend’s Wedding At Last Second

TRNN - Children Of Smog In Delhi

The Drought

We've looked at this but the LA Times is going into a little more depth here.

LA Times: Did Kern County legislator suggest link between God, state drought and abortion?
“Texas was in a long period of drought until Gov. [Rick] Perry signed the fetal pain bill. It rained that night.”

Another Clean Energy


GOP Convulses Over Upcoming Encyclical

  Good for Jeb Bush for highlighting one of the many basic willfully ignorant aspects of the GOP regarding global warming. Global warming as far as the GOP and its oil company backers are concerned, is an economic policy. Global warming is about as much of an economic policy as is gravity, clouds, air, the Sun, and the universe. But this is what the GOP does, frames an issue and then hangs on for dear life over and over and over through it's fundamentally factually flawed echo chamber. They say there are two certainties, death and taxes. Not true, there are three, death, taxes, and the willful grimacing gripping ignorance of the conservative mindset.

Guardian UK: Jeb Bush joins Republican backlash against pope on climate change - ‘I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinal or my pope’ - Coal industry lobbyist says pope should promote fossil fuels to help poor

Global Warming - The Donald

  Ordinarily I would not waste space on something like this but the Donald is such an interesting and amusing character who is now right in the center of the GOP Presidential 2016 nominee cycle. At this point Trump would pass into the ten top person tier and actually be on stage during the GOP debates. Yes, he'll be on stage with Walker, Rubio, Jeb, Rand Paul, and what a trip. This is going to be a lot of fun.

  One more point - I believe Trump's on stage antics will in the long run seriously compromise the GOP's chances of winning. Let's face it, the man is 99% ego and he will do his damnedest to hurt his competition.

Think Progress: It Snowed Once And Other Things Donald Trump Thinks Prove Global Warming Is A Hoax by Ryan Koronowski

Robert Reich - Reinvent Education

This is a repost.

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 65 degrees and cloudy with sunshine here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Looks like we could be in for a pleasant high 70s sunny day. Well you have to hand it to Golden State. They produced a demonstrable win over LeBron's Cavaliers last night and took the NBA Championship. It's been a long time since Golden State won a championship. Steph Curry is a truly unique basketball player, it's the combination of ball handling and incredibly quick and accurate shooting ability that is in a league of its own. Steph Curry and the Warriors have evolved the game of basketball just a little bit more and for the better.

  At 8:50 a.m. ET futures are moderately higher and the price of oil per barrel is up. The market is poised to open higher.

  As far as I can tell two major events will weigh on the market today. First will be a Fed announcement on base interest rates this afternoon - and when the Fed talks the world investment community listens. The second is the ongoing collapse of Greece's economy as that country may even face expulsion from the E.U. Thursday will be a telling day.

CNN: Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
The Federal Reserve is in the spotlight again. It will announce its interest rate decision at 2 p.m. ET, followed by a news conference with Fed Chair Janet Yellen at 2.30 pm.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'How To Hack Your Biology And Be In The Zone Every Single Day'

Nicely done.

Rent A Crowd

That cheering crowd supporting candidate x may very well be getting paid to cheer.

LibertyChat: “Rent a Crowd” Company Admits Politicians Are Using Their Service

Creative Walking

Stanford: Stanford study finds walking improves creativity - Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person's creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking.
"I thought walking outside would blow everything out of the water, but walking on a treadmill in a small, boring room still had strong results, which surprised me," Oppezzo said.

President The Donald

What fun we have in store over the next year or so. I love Trump, seriously. I think he's a riot.

NYT: Donald Trump Runs for President (This Time for Real, He Says) By ALEXANDER BURNS
“The last thing we need right now,” Mr. Trump told ABC News in December, “is another Bush.”

“Romney — I have a Gucci store that’s worth more than Romney.”

When Breaking News Alerts Are Wrong

Mary Norris’s Comma Queen - Who And Whom

Have A Great Tuesday

work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The Borowitz Report - Scientists Believe They Have Isolated Gene For Failure

Inside Amy Schumer - Court Of Public Opinion, The Trial Of Bill Cosby

TRNN - Drip Feeding Greece Will End In Default

The Drought

Eat Your Chocolate

The Mystery

BBC: The strange fate of a person falling into a black hole
This is the singularity. Space and time cease to be meaningful ideas, and the laws of physics as we know them — all of which require space and time — no longer apply.

What happens here, no one knows. Another universe? Oblivion? The back of a bookcase? It's a mystery.

Drones Vs Al Qaida

Robert Reich's Latest

Global Warming - Francis Blasts The Deniers

  Well, no group of people is more deserving of blasting than the present crop of willfully ignorant, echo chamber moronic, and infantile deniers swarming throughout the GOP. Blast away Pope Francis. As far as angering the conservatives - who gives a shit, they are more than angering us.

WaPo: Pope Francis blasts global warming deniers in leaked draft of encyclical
“Enlighten the masters of power and money so that they should not fall prey to the sin of indifference, so that they should love the common good, support the weak, and care about this world that we inhabit,” the draft reads.

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 66 degrees, cloudy, damp and rainy here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Rain seems likely. Tonight we have what may be the final game of the NBA championship series. It's been a good series with Golden State jumping out, then the Cavaliers taking control and apparently riding the wave to victory, then another shift in power back to Golden State who are now sitting pretty. I would not count the Cavaliers out but their task is the harder of the two teams.

  At 8:30 a.m. ET futures are moderately lower and the price of oil per barrel is now trading around $59.50. The market is poised to open lower.

  Two large events are going on this week. Greece may leave the eurozone or Greece may sign on to a kick the can down the road loan agreement to finance its massive debt. Also let's not forget about the Pope issuing his climate change encyclical. For today, the drama surrounding Greece is affecting global equities negatively.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
Greece has until Thursday to accept a new deal with creditors that will give it access to 7.2 billion euros to pay its debts and bills. But Greece doesn't like some of the strings attached, and many worry an agreement will not be reached.

Monday, June 15, 2015




I was shocked at how many things diet soda injures in the body. I never drink the stuff now but have in the past.

Yahoo: 8 Things That Happen When You Finally Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Psychedelic Planet

Rubio, Bush, Walker

Jeb's Officially In

Have A Great Monday

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The Onion - Average Father Thinks About Sealing In Meat’s Juices 4 To 5 Hours A Day

TRNN - Magna Carta At 800, A Promise Unfulfilled

The Drought


Indeed, Right Off The Cliff


BBC: Magna Carta changed the world, David Cameron tells anniversary event
The charter first protected the rights and freedoms of society and established that the king was subject to the law.



Global Warming - The Pope's Week, Building To Thursday's Global Encyclical

Krugman's Latest

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 65 degrees and raining here in the Upper Hudson Valley. Looks like long periods of rain are in store through the week. It is cooler and the humidity is down. I hope you had a good weekend. My weekend was very busy highlighted by a nice trip to a conservancy for a walk through the fields and woods, dinner with some beloved people, and a good attempt and beginning at painting the exterior of the house. I figure if I can regularly do 50 to 100 square feet of the house eventually I will get it done. That way it's only a few hours a day. This house needs a lot of scraping and priming.

  At 9:00 a.m. ET futures are significantly lower and the price of oil per barrel is down, just above $59. The market is poised to open lower.

  One word - Greece.

CNN: Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
The negative tone can be attributed directly to Greece, after the latest round of talks between the small nation and its creditors collapsed on Sunday.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

BBC - Albert Einstein, The Secrets Of Quantum Physics

Inside Amy Schumer - Meth Lab

Essay On Corruption

Have A Great Sunday

work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - repost

The Onion - Area Man Just In Bad Mood Because He’s Tired And An Awful Human Being

Blank On Blank - Bette Davis On The Sexes

TRNN - Climate Change Causing Massive Shifts In Marine Ecosystems

The Drought



BBC: Philae comet lander wakes up
Philae, the first spacecraft to land on a comet, was dropped on to the surface of Comet 67P by its mothership, Rosetta, last November.


Global Warming - Ron Naven's Antarctic


Saturday, June 13, 2015

24 Pushups You Need To Try


This alleged war between the Koch empire and the RNC seems like an exaggeration. The Koch's already run the GOP, this was settled years ago.

MSNBC: RNC discovers a problem with the Koch brothers’ operation
Katie Walsh, the RNC’s chief of staff, told Yahoo News, “I think it’s very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how.”

Friend And Protector

New Release

Freak Free

Have A Great Saturday

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The Onion - Man Forced To Come Up With 45 Seconds Of Facial Expressions While Waitress Lists Off Specials

Blank On Blank - John Lennon And Yoko Ono On Love

TRNN - 'Insanity', Critics React To The Troop Increase In Iraq

The Drought

Nothing like a disaster to bring out the wackiest of the bunch.

HuffPo: State Rep Suggests Abortion Is To Blame For California Drought


Blue Energy

Thursday's Game Changer

35,000,000,000,000,000 To 1

The Dumbest And Most Willfully Ignorant Person On The Planet Demonstrates His Stupidity Once Again

Oklahoma, really, you can't find a better senator, really. You can't be this stupid Oklahoma. Come on, show us your intelligence.

News Max: Sen. James Inhofe to Climate Change Skeptics: 'We Are Winning'

Global Warming - Polar Bears

Confident Consumers


Friday, June 12, 2015

'Free Jazz'

Ornette Coleman

In my opinion the two major American composers of the latter half of the 20th century are Ornette Coleman and Phil Glass.



Have A Great Friday

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The Onion - Man Treats Mother To Detail About His Personal Life

Blank On Blank - Grace Kelly On JFK

TRNN - Murdoch, Among The Most Corrupt Oligarchs In The World

The Drought


The Bill

He Has A Point


  Hell yes, the old West is back. I didn't even realize there were bounty hunters. I though that went out of favor around 1860, what do I know...

Guardian UK: Bounty hunter kills country singer Randy Howard in Tennessee gunfight - Member of US country music’s so-called ‘Outlaws’ had skipped court on drink-driving charge after declaring he ‘wasn’t going back to jail’, say reports
On Tuesday night bounty hunter Jackie Shell showed up at Howard’s home to take him into custody, DeVine said. Howard opened fire, Shell shot back and Howard was killed.