Friday, November 30, 2012

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AFAIK is internet for "as far as I know".

New one for me.

Gingrich On Leno

Could the recent election cycle be the last time we see Gingrich run for president? Recall that politicians rely on the weak memory of the American public.

Raw Story: Gingrich finally admits he doesn’t deserve to be president

DOW Closes Flat

The DOW closed at 13,025.58 gaining 3.76 points.

CNN: The cost of cheap clothes at Wal-Mart, Sears

Overturning The Oppressive Bush Era

The Daily Show - Mitt Romney's White House Lunch

TRNN - UN Palestine Vote Gives PA Access To International Criminal Court

DOW Flat At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 13,026.31 up 4.49 points.

CNN: Stocks stuck on fiscal cliff treadmill

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work by fave artist Andy Goldsworthy

The Onion - Remaking The Republican Party

This is funny.

The Onion: Remaking The Republican Party
Begin rolling the R’s in “deportation” and “border fence”

Al Jazeera - Violence Escalates In Northern Tunisia

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warmng - Rapid Pace Of Polar Ice Melting

Sorry to put up such intensely bad news here, but we still have the power to improve our future, we just need the necessary determination and understanding.

Slate: New Study Shows Global Warming Is Rapidly Melting Ice at Both Poles


The Market On Friday

  Good morning and welcome to the weekend. It is 24 degrees and cloudy here in Upstate NY. Well, another week has flown by. It seems like the focus of our attention in the news world continues to be the fiscal cliff. We've got all kinds of speculation on which GOP face will present itself at the bargaining table. Allegedly the president is in a win win situation from the point of view of the American public's view of it all. Stay tuned, we've got about 5 weeks more at least to go.

  At 8:20 a.m. futures are modestly up, the dollar is mostly down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is ever so slightly higher. The market is poised to open slightly higher.

  We already know about the fiscal cliff but what seems more relevant than ever is how the politics of our nation effects Wall Street's decision on something as important to our economy as the valuation of stocks. Isn't this what we are getting? The fiscal cliff discussion process continues and we are seeing Wall Street react with optimism or pessimism to the events we hear on the news about it.

 CNN: Stocks may get fiscal cliff boost
...reports are due on personal income and spending for October...
...the pace of economic growth in India slowed during the latest quarter. The country's GDP, the broadest measure of a nation's economic health, grew at a rate of 5.3%.

'The Forgotten'

Green Day

Thursday, November 29, 2012


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NYPD officer Lawrence DePrimo giving boots to a homeless man in Times Square.

FOX News - Same Sex Marriage Freak Out

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 13,021.82 gaining 36.71 points.

CNN: McDonald's, KFC, Burger King workers protest in NYC

Frida Kahlo's Closet Is Opened 58 Years After Her Death

The Grover Grip

The Daily Show - Legends Of The Fault

TRNN - Most New Jobs Don't Require College Education

DOW Higher At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 13,026.89 up 41.78 points.

CNN: Fiscal cliff talks lift stocks

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work by Andy Goldsworthy

The Onion - Congressman Torn Between Meaningless Pledge To Anti-Tax Zealot, Well-Being Of Nation

Al Jazeera - Mark Regev Discusses Palestinian UN Bid

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - The Rainforest Alliance

Factory Farming Animals

It's fundamentally repulsive viewing images of how animals are treated in factory farming. I still eat meat and fish but I try to be selective about it.

AlterNet: Good News For Animal Lovers: Factory Farming's Days May Be Numbered
In one of history's most stunning victories for humane farming, Australia's largest supermarket chain, Coles, will as of January 1 stop selling company branded pork and eggs from animals kept in factory farms.

The Market On Thursday

  Good morning. It is 33 degrees and to our surprise, sunny here in Upstate NY. The morning walk was fast and very crisp. I stopped in the local deli and picked up eggs which I will soon use for breakfast. Even though we just bought a TV, I must say it's very tedious to watch the news in that way. It's much quicker and direct getting the important excerpts online. Watching CNN, it's unreal how much they belabor the point, too boring. 

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are moderately higher, the dollar is mostly down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is up per barrel. The market is poised to open higher.

  It is a good fiscal cliff day meaning that investors are optimistic that talks in Washington will lead to a compromise deal on the upcoming alleged crisis. This is taking center stage for investors.

  In addition, investors will be re-parsing the newest numbers on the third quarter GDP, and don't forget that at 8:30 a.m. the government releases weekly numbers on first time layoffs. With Obama seated in the White House for the next four years, that number lost its dramatic importance in the election world of political fodder.

CNN: Fiscal cliff talks lift stocks
...signs that Washington might be moving toward a deal on the fiscal cliff.
...second estimate of third-quarter GDP...

'When I Come Around'

Green Day

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Krugman's Latest

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 12,985.11 gaining 106.98 points.

CNN: Dow gains more than 100 points

More From The Man Who Spoke Truth To FOX

Maddow - GOP Fight Over Rice Is About Kerry's Senate Seat

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


The Daily Show - Warren Buffett And Carol Loomis Pt. 1

TRNN - Who's Getting Pushed Off the 'Fiscal Cliff'?

DOW Higher At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,892.03 up 13.90 points.

CNN: New home sales decline 0.3% in October

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work by Andy Goldsworthy

The Onion - Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive For 2012

Al Jazeera - French Conservatives In Chaos

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Optimisim?

Read the article - the rise in temperatures globally has leveled off but it is expected to rise again in the future. The optimism is about the present leveling off.

The Telegraph: Doha: Global warming is slowing down, says Met Office

Offshore Slavery

The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is a cool 26 degrees with clouds starting to clear here in Upstate NY. I'm reading that this entire Susan Rice - John McCain witch hunt is not what we think or what McCain is alleging. It's about the GOP wanting John Kerry for Secretary of State so that Kerry's senate seat comes up for grabs in the next election cycle, and then they can try to re-install Scott Brown in the vacant seat. Tricky, tricky. I hope Obama puts Rice's name forward.

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are modestly down. CNN has not yet posted the value of the dollar versus other world currencies, nor has it posted the price of oil per barrel. However stocks closed lower in both Asian and European markets, so one might think that we are in for another weak day on Wall Street.

  It's the same old recent story, investors are looking to see what our government comes up with in dealing with the fiscal cliff. I'm starting to read that the market more than likely will continue being weak until some agreement or resolution is reached. One might also think that if this trend does in fact continue, then we might have another buying opportunity at the end of December. Just saying.

CNN: Stocks: Eyes on the fiscal cliff
And with Dec. 31 right around the corner, most experts say trading could be choppy for the rest of the year.
Coming up Wednesday, investors will get a look at the health of the housing market at 10 a.m. ET, when the Census Bureau releases October data on new home sales.

'God Bless The Child'

Eric Dolphy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Send A Card

Billionaires Backing The Supreme Entity

DOW Closes Lower

The DOW closed at 12,878.13 dropping 89.24 points.

CNN: Powerball jackpot hits $500 million

Please Do Not Smoke

Speaking Truth To FOX

The Daily Show - God's Priorities

TRNN - Many Still Wait For Help In Storm Battered Communities

DOW Flat At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,964.07 down 3.30 points.

CNN: Fiscal battle over mortgage deduction

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work by Marc Chagall

The Onion - 42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record

Al Jazeera - Researching Climate Change In The US

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - The Melting Permafrost

Little Piggies

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 33 degrees and cloudy here in Upstate NY. Not quite as chilly as it was yesterday and so the morning walk was brisk and quick. I'm watching CNN as I write and its all about the fiscal cliff. How many times between now and January 1st and beyond will you hear the term fiscal cliff. Politics is a miserable thing, I truly am sick of hearing these people. The Republicans appear to be returning to their intractable selves, woe is us. It's a disgrace.

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are flat, the dollar is up against major world currencies, and the price of oil is up. It's hard to say how the market will open but right now the variance would be small from yesterday's closing number up or down.

  Investors are watching the never ending ongoing eurozone debt crisis and negotiations now that Congress is back in session over the fiscal cliff. This will be the menu for the next couple of months - eurozone and fiscal cliff.  Get used to it.

  Investors will also be looking at data on housing, manufacturing, and my favorite, consumer sentiment. I recommend we become a nation of sentimental consumers.

CNN: Stocks: Choppy trading ahead
... Europe's worsening economy next year will slow U.S. growth more than previously forecast.
...reports on consumer confidence, housing and manufacturing due out in the morning.

'Meditations On Integration'

Charles Mingus with Eric Dolphy

Monday, November 26, 2012

Joke Of The Day

No comment, except that the man is brutally tone deaf.

Yahoo: Rick Santorum ‘open’ to running for president again

Good Night


I intend to repost this often...


DOW Closes Lower

The DOW closed at 12,967.37 dropping 42.31 points.

CNN: 3 ways Obama's reelection will impact your finances

'Milking Newcastle'

The trend in 'social protest.'

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) Dismisses Norquist

TRNN - 'Morsi Must Go' Chant Thousands Of Egyptians

DOW Lower At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,913.80 down 95.88 points.

CNN: Wells Fargo CEO: Why Americans are saving so much

Have A Good Morning

work by Nils Udo

The Onion - Garrison Keillor Fully Deflates After Massive Sigh

Al Jazeera - US Climate Policy In Focus After Storms

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Pine Beetles

Supreme Entity Speaks

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 32 degrees and cloudy here in Upstate NY. I hope you had a good weekend including using up all leftovers. As I write this I'm watching Grover Norquist on CNN discuss his no tax pledge and the recent GOP revolt against it. I'm not fond of Grover's pledge supremacy, also I do not want to see entitlement spending put on the line as a bargaining chip in order to get the GOP to agree to raise taxes on the rich. That does not compute. Leave SSI and Medicare alone.

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are moderately lower, the dollar is mostly up against major world currencies, and the price of oil is up per barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  Like the rest of us investors are watching to see what will occur in Washington to address the country's "fiscal cliff". It's interesting to see the GOP on the defensive. Clearly they understand that their brand is marked. One suspects that bipartisan compromise is now a more distinct possibility.

CNN: Stocks poised for lower open
No major economic or corporate reports are expected, so investors will be looking for signs of an economic recovery in retail sales.
Investors will also return their attention to the fiscal cliff.

Open Source Cure

'Breakdown And Funky Chicken'

Rufus Thomas

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Night

More Norquist Pushback

Graham Breaks From Norquist Pledge

Another senator disavows Norquist's absurd pledge. Republicans seem to be getting the message that the alternative to co-operation is future non-relevancy.

Guardian UK: Senator Lindsey Graham is latest Republican to disavow tax pledge

John McCain Tells FOX News Viewers - GOP Must Leave Abortion Alone

If the GOP abandons its position on social issues then they also lose their fundamentalist Christian vote base. The idea seems to be to drop the fundies and try to win over more women, young people, Latinos, and gays. Essentially what McCain is talking about is changing the present blue state - red state configuration. McCain wants Microsoft to be more like Apple and then capture Apple's market.

Have A Good Morning

work by Max Ernst

The Onion - Pan Left To Soak Now Predates All Current Roommates

Al Jazeera - Digital Photography Can't Kill The Appeal Of Film

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Bipartisan Disregard

About Voting

'Autumn Leaves'

Biréli lagrène and Roy Haynes

Saturday, November 24, 2012


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Reich On Walmart

The Next Secretary Of State

New York Mag: State of War


Krugman's Latest

Quantitative Easing A Time Bomb

Providing a conservative approach is Stephen Roach. He is listenable, not shrill.

Have A Good Morning

work by Dali

The Onion - 20,000 Sacrificed In Annual Blood Offering To Corporate America

Al Jazeera - The Two Sides Of Salvador Dali

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - No Return

Rove's Latino Plan

'Be Dark Night'


Friday, November 23, 2012

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'Cheetahs On The Edge'

No Deal

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 13,009.68 gaining 172.79 points.

CNN: Dow back above 13,000

Krugman On The GOP Personality

NYT: Grand Old Planet
...authoritarians are strongly inclined to reject any evidence contradicting their prior beliefs.

TRNN - A Night In Gaza Under The Bombs

Have A Good Morning

work by Alberto Giacometti

The Onion - Grandson Has Long Hair - Like a Girl — He Has Girl Hair

Al Jazeera - Italy's Long Road Of Corruption

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Climate Change - The Doha U.N. Conference And Obama

It's Coming - Obamacare

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is 38 degrees and presently clear with rain expected later, here in Upstate NY. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving. I did. Unfortunately I have to work this morning so it is a normal day for me. Most people take the day off and as a result the traffic in town is much slower and lighter than usual. It's relatively quiet out which is very nice. Many are cramming into the malls for Black Friday specials. That activity is completely opposed to my general interest make-up, so I will leave it for those in need of deals. The theme for the weekend is leftovers.

  At 8:15 a.m. futures are ever so slightly higher, the dollar is mostly down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is down per barrel. The market is poised to open in the flat territory.

  Wall Street closes at 1 p.m. today and one suspects many if not most investors are taking the day off. Because of this one hopes that the market will simply remain flat and close flat for the day with no major calamities shifting the indexes too much.

CNN: Investors prep for shortened stock session
Little major news is expected in the United States on Friday's holiday-shortened trading day...

'I Should Have Known Better'


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Night

Charles Phoenix's Cherpumple

FOX - The Scariest Christmas Ever


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have an excellent day.

The Onion - Biden Pardons Single Yam In Vice Presidential Thanksgiving Ritual

Al Jazeera - Gaza Ceasefire Enters First Full Day

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Stay Away Stores


'Dear Mr Fantasy'


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger - Original Narration By Randall

This is a riot.

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 12,836.89 gaining 48.38 points.

CNN: Stocks close higher despite more Europe worries

Morning Joe - Why Romney Lost

Even after Nate Silver predicted the outcome of the election flawlessly, the GOP is still spinning nonsense about why Romney lost including why pollsters got it so wrong, as is demonstrated in this clip. Fundamentally the GOP has its own set of "facts" and these "facts" correspond to what they want to occur. It is a method of self created validation. The type of absurd polling coming from Rasmussen and Gallup will not end as long as those outfits continue to be connected to highly partisan efforts. It's interesting to listen to Dan Senor because even in the face of his party's utter failure, he points the finger of blame everywhere but where it belongs. The finger of blame lays firmly on the rabid culture of the conservative movement itself. They should come up with a new slogan - "American Conservatives - Out Of Touch With Reality For Decades and For Generations To Come".

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

DOW Higher At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,835.93 up 47.42 points.

CNN: Cease-fire reached in Gaza conflict

Have A Good Morning

work by Jeff Koons

The Onion - Nation's Uncles Enter Last Stage Of Prep For Thursday's Thanksgiving Debates

Al Jazeera - Latest Report On The Bus Explosion In Tel Aviv

Al Jazera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - The Terrible News


The Market On Wednesday

  Good morning. It is 30 degrees and overcast here in Upstate NY. The forecast still shows sunshine for today and tomorrow so we shall see. We are all making preparations for a fine Thanksgiving meal. As we know the preparations can be both enjoyable and stressful. Let's try to emphasize enjoyable, so everybody, chill!

  At 7:30 a.m. futures are flat, the dollar is down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is down per barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  The dispiriting news of the morning for investors is the falling apart of the detail negotiations surrounding Greece's debt reduction package. So it's still back to the eurozone crisis.

  Briefly scanning the news, there is some hope for a cease fire in the Israel/Gaza war conflict  however reading that a Gaza bomb took out a bus in Tel Aviv paves the way for intense retaliation. War is the ultimate disastrous solution to a poignant human problem. At the center of war are people with severe ego problems whose hubris and arrogance exceeds normal understanding. They of course believe they are in the Godly right and light because it's all about promoting some fabricated and oddly justified notion of nationalistic pride, among other things.

CNN: New European worries weigh on stocks
...without finalizing the details of a debt-reduction package for Greece
...reports will be released on consumer sentiment and initial jobless claims...

'Rock N'Roll Hoochie Koo'

Johnny Winter

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Night

DOW Closes Lower

The DOW closed at 12,788.51 dropping 7.45 points.

CNN: What it takes to be a one percenter

Bolton Wants Torture

Bolton would have been Romney's choice for Sec State.

Changing Tide - Possibly

Let's see if this is more than a one time thing. The implications are huge. It occurred to me the other day that it was really the hubris of the Bush 2 administration that brought FOX into prominence. Without an administration to hang their alternate universe on, they may see declining numbers. One can only hope but the station right now is a three legged horse. It actually always was that.

Politicus USA: Rise of the Left: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnnell Beat Fox for an Entire Week
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell beat their Fox News competition every day last week in the key 25-54 demo.

West Faces Non-Conservative Reality

He didn't have a leg to stand on from the very start of his non-concession. He's striking me as a bit of a megalomaniac, you know, how could I possibly not win. This seems to be part of the hubris of the GOP this year with Romney's recent statements indicating a similar level of - how could I possibly not have won.

WSJ: Rep. Allen West Concedes Defeat

Bill O'Reilly - Romney Was Right

Poor Romney is being kicked while he's down and poor Bill O has not realized that he has lost relevancy.

TRNN - Protest In Israel Calls For End To 'Elections War'

DOW Higher At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,805.07 up 9.11 points.

CNN: HP drags U.S. stocks lower

Have A Good Morning

work by Oskar Kokoschka

The Onion - Romney Spends $600 Million On Top-Tier 'Soul Searching' Team

Al Jazeera - Malaria Makes A Comeback In Southern Greece

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - NOAA Report

Conservatives Lying To Shred SSI

The Market On Tuesday

  Good morning. It is 25 degrees and sunny here in Upstate NY. The forecast shows sunny days through the week including Thanksgiving Day - we shall see but right now it's encouraging. House Republicans have turned their attention to Susan Rice as being unfit for S.O.S. duty while the rest of the world's attention is looking and cringing at the escalation of Israel and Gaza round 1,000,000. Not surprising to see the GOP looking in the wrong direction and picking the wrong fight at the wrong time. They're like a sudden thorn field for a group of barefoot runners. Who can step forward and get the Israelis and the Palestinians to cool it for good. Just cool it, the world has had it with all of you.

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are flat, the dollar is mostly down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is down per barrel. The market is poised to open in the flat to lower area. Maybe during the day it will pick up.

  Investors are turning their attention back to the ongoing eurozone crisis. That seemingly will also never end. This time it's back to Greece and the facts surrounding the release of more bailout founds.

  Of course it's the new war which is catching everyone's attention. Oil is always at the center of the Middle East and one suspects this is far more important to the financial world than human life. Notice how the conflict will increase the price of oil over time.

CNN: Stocks headed for choppy day
Eurozone finance ministers were meeting Tuesday to discuss the latest release of bailout funds for Greece... ...
Moody's downgraded France's credit rating...
Oil prices have been ticking up amid growing concern about a possible ground war in Gaza.
Shares of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc jumped 13%...

'Man Of Constant Sorrow'

Alison Krauss and Union Station

Monday, November 19, 2012

Democrats Gained 8 Seats In Congress

Good Night

Newt On Romney's Gifts Comment

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 12,795.96 gaining 207.65 points.

CNN: Stocks enjoy biggest rally in months

New York City's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ten Thousand Ripples - Art, Civic Engagement, Change

Krugman - 50s Era Politics

NYT: The Twinkie Manifesto

Interesting looking book on the ingredients in a Twinkie. It might be better to not know...

Twinkie, Deconstructed By Ettlinger, Steve (Google Affiliate Ad)
"That we eat lots of rocks. And petroleum. When I started, I was certain that most things, like sorbic acid or various vitamins, were extracted from plants. Not so, not at all, it turns out. Also, that a lot of toxic things like carbon monoxide and chlorine gas are used to make food, but they only help with reactions and don’t add any toxicity to the food product."

World Bank Warning On Climate Change

TRNN - The Roots Of Israeli Attack On Gaza

DOW Higher At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,763.84 up 175.53 points.

CNN: Stocks gain more than 1%

Have A Good Morning

work by Oskar Kokoschka

CNN - In Myanmar, Obama Lauds Courage Of Aung San Suu Kyi

The Onion - Area Man Never In Mood To Do Things He Hasn't Done Before

Al Jazeera - Pakistani Markets Rebuild After The Flood

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Bipartisan Consensus Desperately Needed

Morning Laugh

The Market On Monday

  Good morning. It is 22 degrees and sunny here in Upstate NY. I hope you had a good restful weekend. This will be a demanding holiday week as we know. We spent a good part of the weekend getting the house ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. We will have a full house and I'm appreciative of that. I know you agree when we express our deep regret surrounding the outbreak and probable escalation of another war in the Middle East. When will this mess ever come to some type of lasting resolution. It is beyond clear that the people most affected and hurt by this war or any war are children, women, and innocent people.

  At 8:00 a.m. futures are moderately higher, the dollar is down against major world currencies, and the price of oil is up per barrel. The market is poised to open higher.

  Investors are pleased with the real sense for a potential agreement on the looming fiscal cliff. We shall see if Obama maintains his cool and leaves SSI and Medicare off the table. Whenever the financial talks get intense, SSI and Medicare get put on the table. Why is that? How about putting something that does not involve the financial lives of ordinary citizens on the line.

As always, investors will be monitoring the Israeli-Palestinian war. International points of de-evolution affect the world monetary flow.

CNN: Stocks poised for higher open
...investors welcomed positive comments from lawmakers on the fiscal cliff talks but remained cautious ahead of an actual deal.
The National Association of Realtors will release data on existing home sales for October at 10 a.m. ET.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Night

The Newest Healthiest Diet

Coming Up On Wall Street

Family Affair

War Expanding

Graham - 'We Are In A Death Spiral...'


CNN - 'Far Right Hurt The Party'

SNL - Chris Christie

Have A Good Morning

work by Alfred Kubin. Kubin is a fascinating new discovery for me. His work is dark, dreamy, almost nightmarish, not light, but always subtle, delicate, well composed, and completely realized. Also consider that this work is from the early 1900s so it is somewhat prophetic and unique considering WWI and WWII were on the way.

The Onion - Obama: 'Second Term Will Be Like Breaking Bad Times Homeland Plus The Sopranos'

Al Jazeera - Wave Of Murders Hit Brazil's Largest City

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Preventing The Next Sandy

Wealth Bias

'Epiphany Vespers'


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Night

See you bright and early in the a.m.

He's Upset

Off The Table

The Dalai Lama - How We Cause Our Own Suffering

"We can see that there are many ways in which we actively contribute to our own experience of mental unrest and suffering. Although, in general, mental and emotional afflictions themselves can come naturally, often it is our own reinforcement of those negative emotions that makes them so much worse. For instance when we have anger or hatred towards a person, there is less likelihood of its developing to a very intense degree if we leave it unattended. However, if we think about the projected injustices done to us, the ways in which we have been unfairly treated, and we keep thinking about them over and over, then that feeds the hatred. It makes the hatred very powerful and intense. Of course, the same can apply to when we have an attachment towards a particular person; we can feed that by thinking about how beautiful he or she is, and as we keep thinking about the projected qualities that we see in the person, the attachment becomes more and more intense. But this shows how through constant familiarity and thinking, we ourselves make our emotions more intense and powerful."

Maddow - Republican Purge

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Have A Good Morning

work by Alfred Kubin

The Onion - The Week In Review

Al Jazeera - Israel Calls Up Thousands Of Troops

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Progressives Must Dream Big

The Party Of Stupid

'Symphony No.7'

Bernstein conducts Beethoven

Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Night

Maddow - McCain Drives Benghazi Conspiracy Theories

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

DOW Closes Higher

The DOW closed at 12,588.31 gaining 45.93 points.

Reuters: Global stocks gain on fiscal hope; yen down for third day

White House Petitions

The White House page which includes petitions to secede.

White House: petitions

Alabama Secessionist

How can we help?

The Daily Show - Look Who's Still Talking

TRNN - UN Holds Urgent Security Council Meeting, US Stands With Israel

DOW Lower At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,480.70 down 61.68 points.

CNN: Stocks: All eyes on fiscal cliff debate

What Went Right

Have A Good Morning

work by Louise Bourgeois

The Onion - Paula Broadwell Crashing On Petraeus Family’s Couch Until Sex Scandal Blows Over

Al Jazeera - Latest Analysis On The Gaza Crisis

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines

Global Warming - Time For Obama To Act

Not God, Guns, And Gays

The Market On Friday

  Good morning. It is a chilly 25 degrees and clear here in Upstate NY. I will cut to the main point. Israel and Palestine, the world is regarding both of you, and I say this without partisan attachment, as the feuding ridiculous children of the world desperately in need of parental guidance. Okay maybe it's one side or the other that is worse granted that, but I am being non partisan and direct. Here's my solution - one million people from all over the world come to the area and sit peacefully on the borders possibly meditating in rotations. There needs to be peace here everybody. This has been going on my entire life, and it's old, too old. We are sick and tired of it.

  At 7:15 a.m. futures are modestly down, the dollar is mostly up against major world currencies, and the price of oil is down per barrel. The market is poised to open lower.

  Simple answer here - we are into a correction and that correction appears to be centered around the President's call for eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Grow up elite rich people, pay your fair share of taxes, and cut out the crap. You've got so much money, you can't even possibly spend it all.

CNN: Stocks to open lower
The president has vowed not to keep the Bush tax cuts in place for Americans earning more than $200,000, and investors are also bracing for tax hikes on capital gains and carried interest.
Economic reports on tap Friday morning include data on foreign purchases of Treasuries and industrial production.

'Tibetan Singing Bowl Concert'

Unique performance by Mark Handler

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Will This Stop

All other news pales next to this newest war between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. We cannot express how incredibly horrible this conflict is and how much we want it to be peacefully resolved for once and for all.

CNN: Rockets pound Israel, Gaza as Netanyahu alleges 'double war crime'

Good Night

DOW Closes Lower

The DOW closed at 12,542.38 dropping 28.57 points.

CNN: Dow, Nasdaq close lower for 4th straight day

The Daily Show - Jon Meacham Extended Interview Pt. 1

TRNN - Israel Escalates Assault On Gaza Strip After Assassination Of Top Hamas Commander

DOW Lower At Noon

In the noon hour the DOW is at 12,521.76 down 49.19 points.

CNN: The Romney legacy: Fuzzy math doesn't work anymore

Have A Good Morning

work by Louise Bourgeois

The Onion - Conservative Megadonors Have Spent Week Yelling At Their Money

Al Jazeera - Putin Passes New Controversial Treason Law

Al Jazeera - The Main Headlines